Photo opportunities

You never know what people will want to take a photo of next on the Stray circuit. The other morning, while waiting to board the ferry, it was the Perspex boarding passes that had my crew pulling their cameras out. They are a great idea, I would never misplace my movie ticket if it was a big hunk of plastic! Last trip it was the camping toaster at Gunns Camp facing the paparazzi line up!





Stunning scenery on an awesome day is always a sure thing for a photo, so are sunsets and sunrises. If scenery could have friends on Facebook, I wonder how many times it would be tagged in photos? Of course the bus that has carried us from place to place, usually gets a sentimental photo. Some people faithfully carry around an object from home to photograph in various locations, such as “quark quark” a French soft toy duck, “Ribbit” a green frog shower cap, just to name a few, and if you’re lucky enough to have a driver that won’t crack the lens of the camera, they may get a photo too.

One of my favs is the team photo. A bond has formed on the bus and the group is about to split up and go various ways, so we have to capture the group one last time.





Sometimes we can get creative and have a bit of fun, write stuff in sand, write stuff with shells, and even write stuff with our bodies!


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