My mate crashed his scooter on the weekend before a conference that we were going to

A few lessons in this. On the weekend before the ‘world youth tourism conference’ in Spain keith marsh from kiwi experience, Greg Zammit from adventure tours and I went to Majorca – a much cooler place than I expected. While scootering home from lunch Keith clipped a car (his fiancé June was also on the back of his scooter) and bounced into a wall. Extremely messy with Greg and I having to be medics for the 40 minutes until the ambulance got there. The bus drivers medical training certainly comes in handy. Needless to say – Keith didn’t make the conference. This is him in a Spanish hospital. Lessons – don’t cut corners on scooters, don’t wear thongs/jandals while riding scooters, applying pressure to heavily bleeding wounds works well, trade shows are much easier without your direct competitors being there in full force.


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