Overland to Wellywood.

The ticket read 730am boarding. 730pm departure. I was pretty sure this was a typo but turns out it is actually a 12 hour train ride. It is a trip I have suggested Stray passengers to do who we’re just wanting to see the south island so it was about time I experienced it myself. All 12 hours of it………..

12 hours later. Arrived in Wellington a bit tired, very full and slightly drunk (you can take food with you and alcohol….. I think). The trip was amazing. Having driven the road a number of times, going by train was new and exciting. The seats were comfy, and when it was needed they had commentary on what was visible.

The views from the train were fantastic and took us through some amazing parts of New Zealand’s very varied North Island.

I also complimented this trip with the hobbit, the trip is known to be where Peter Jackson received inspiration for creating the lord of the rings (Pete had to take this trip regularly for commuting from boarding school in Auckland back home to Wellington). I am a geek.

Would I do the trip again? Yes……. With a bottle of jäger and a group of good mates. I will also now ensure any Stray travelers jump on this trip if they are on limited time and can only take a Stray Bus around the south or north……


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