Wellington to Rotorua and Everything in Between

The other day while driving from Wellington to Rotorua, I stopped the bus at the lookout above Turangi to check out the view of Lake Taupō. I was busy doing my spiel about Lake Taupō (616sq km’s) being not much smaller than Singapore (710sq km’s) with a population of nearly 5.2 million compared to NZ’s population of 4.4 million…

I compared this to Stewart Island which is more than twice the size (1746sq km’s) and has only 400-ish permanent residents! The passengers then hopped off the bus and dutifully took photographs. When one girl hopped back on the bus she asked, ‘So where’s Singapore?’, thinking we could see it from the lookout!

She’s not the only dizzy one at the moment, we’re spinning around so fast that I had a ‘Where am I?!’ moment when I woke up on day two of that same trip, that was until a Kereru flew over with it’s distinctive flying sound, reminding me I was in Raglan! My guests got to experience a stereotypical day in Raglan, on our way to Karioi Lodge with about 20 local kids performing a synchronized bombing session off the new footbridge whilst we were enjoying our picnic lunch!

The night before in Hahei we had our ‘Free BBQ’ for all 45 guests on board! This is always a good way to get to know people while prepping and eating a meal together. I certainly try to give them a taste of ‘Kiwi’ with L & P, Kumara & Hokey Pokey Ice-cream – I have always thought the best way to a groups heart is through their stomach! I was very lucky to have a chef on board this trip who whipped up the coleslaw in double quick time, it was like watching Edward Scissorhands!

See you on the road!

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