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Heather checking out some Wildlife...

Hi everyone.

It has been a huge month for us, not only getting things organized for the upcoming season, but also with the huge announcement that Neil, our founder has moved on to pastures new.  This for those that have followed our progress over the years, may have come as a bit of a shock – but also for those of you that know Neil well enough, he is not one to keep still too long and loves a new project to sink his teeth into!  We wish him all the very best, and will have a curious time of settlement getting used to life without his constant diversions!


I remain committed at the helm of Stray NZ and Asia, surrounded by the dedicated individuals that are the Stray management team.  We also continue to sit alongside James and the awesome Spaceships team.   I am fiercely confident that we will continue to blow travellers away in NZ, Asia, Australia and UK for many more years to come!  Our commitment to find the best travel experiences, and off the beaten track, authentic destinations is stronger than ever!


The orange team is now heads down, bums up, building up some great new content for the upcoming summer season.  Taxi (Stray NZ’s operations manager) and I have just been enjoying a few days in the South Island and we’ve come back with some awesome new product options for 2013.  Watch this space!



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