Stray’s Summer Brochure Launch!

I just wanted to put a shout out to everyone who helped, attended and PARTIED at our Stray Summer Brochure Launch on Wednesday. What a fantastic night!

Stray Brochure Launch 13/14

After a last minute venue change (i.e. 9am!) Stray ops manager Taxi came through and somehow found an even better location – Auckland Sailing Club. Gorgeous views of the water, harbour and city greeted guests!

Auckland Sailing Club

Thanks go to Pie Face for all the pies and Hell Pizza for the more dietary-challenged (gluten free) amongst us.

Stray and Pie Face

Big boss lady Heather kicked off with a wee speech and then it was straight into the quiz – with Marcel and his team from NZ Internships winning the $3000 prize (watch this space!). There might have been a few dodgy games along the way…

Horse Head Box GameAnd the onesies made the rounds!


On that note, the last time the onesies were seen were somewhere in Globe bar, Auckland… if you still have our onesies, please return them!

Stray Party Crew

Special Guests

We had some very special guests. Kwan came the furthest, all the way from managing our Bangkok shop! Representing Stray Asia stylees, she brought buckets! We love Kwan!

Bucket Time!

Jase who runs our East Bro trip was stoked to have the East Cape on the front cover of our NZ brochure!

Jase and Megan

We were also stoked to announce our brand new unique stop for the season, the very beautiful (and off the beaten track!) Lake Aniwhenua. Owners of the lodge, Nadine and Carl, were at the party to celebrate! I’m somewhat lacking on photos of Carl(!), but Nadine’s looking gorgeous on the right here:


Oh Hello Brochures

And of course the main reason why we were all there that night were the new summer brochures. Check these beauties out!

Stray New Zealand 2013/14 Brochure >

Stray Asia 2013/14 Brochure >

Cheers everyone!


P.S. For more photos, jump onto Stray’s Facebook page.

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