Kristina and Kai’s New Zealand Adventures

Milford Sound

We love hearing from our passengers about their adventures whilst travelling around New Zealand. The below photos and comments are from Kristina and Kai. You may notice a bit of a selfie-theme going on, as they were travelling during our #strayselfie campaign. Kia Ora guys!


Kai told us:

“We think that New Zealand is special for

  • plate tectonics, volcanoes, mountains, glaciers
  • sealife and beaches
  • Maori culture
  • crazy activities like bungys, swings, rafting, etc

That’s why we chose to share these pictures with you which are directly liked to these unique features…

Milford Sound

We decided to stay some nights in Milford Sound and did an overnight cruise. The region just combines nearly everything that New Zealand makes unique. We really enjoyed our time splashing the water, watching the mystic landscape and taking selfies with the dolphins. The walk up to the Marian Lake was really crazy, even when getting there, it took us a hard time really finding it 🙂



We enjoyed our time here, mostly due to the cultural performance at the Maori Village. Along with the museums in Auckland and Wellington, we really got an interesting idea of the history and cultural background of New Zealand. In addition to this in Rotorua, we just had to go for the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world. The guide took us backwards into the falls… awesome experience!

Franz Josef GlacierFranz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef / Fox Glacier

Franz Josef offers everything expect a for-yourself experience, we really liked the intimate atmosphere here. The pictures I took are on and stuck in between the ice 🙂

Crazy Queenstown

So many possibilities to invest your money in scarying yourself. We did the Nevis Canyon Swing as a tandem. First impression is fear, second impression is fear and third impression is thrill. Once over the dead point we just had to laugh as hard as we could.


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