What’s on Easter weekend (3 – 6 April, 2015)?

It’s a long weekend for most New Zealanders, thanks to the Easter holiday.

For those of you currently travelling, we’ve put together a list of what you need to know for this weekend, as well as suggestions for fun free activities:

Easter sheep

1) Easter public holidays
When: Good Friday, 3 April; Easter Monday, 6 April
Stray office hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm, Friday – Monday

This coming Friday and Monday are public holidays and most of the country will take time for rest and relaxation with a four day weekend.

What does this mean for travellers? Most shops will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, with limited hours on Easter Monday so plan accordingly! Your Stray drivers will advise you of the best places to food shop depending on where you are along the route. If you have questions, ask your driver or contact the Stray office on 09 526 2140.

2) Celebrate Easter like a New Zealander

Keen to get into the Kiwi Easter spirit? We recommend trying a hot cross bun! It’s estimated that New Zealanders will eat 11 million hot cross buns this year. You can find these traditional sweet and spicy buns in almost any grocery store or bakery. They’re great for morning or afternoon tea with a little butter smeared on. Mmm…

hot cross bunIf you crave chocolate over baked goods, why not have a Cadbury Egg hunt with your mates on the bus? These tasty treats are overwhelmingly the most popular NZ chocolate choice, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours.

Want a fun free activity that gives you a tour of NZ’s biggest cities at the same time? Join in the Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt if you’re hanging around Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch between now and 7 April. Just download the app (or print out the map) and spend the day searching for these hidden giant eggs designed by New Zealand artists and celebrities. After the Easter season, these fabulous creations will be auctioned off and the proceeds go to the Starship Foundation supporting children’s health. Whoever said egg hunts were just for kids?

Official site: http://www.thebigegghunt.co.nz/

3) Daylight Saving time ends

…and you get an extra hour of sleep! On the 5th April, at 3:00am your clock should fall back to 2:00am. Double check your clocks on Saturday night so they’ll be correct when you wake up Sunday morning.

(And if you forget, at least we know you’ll be an hour early for the bus in the morning!)

4) Total eclipse of the Moon

lunar eclipseWhat better excuse to stay up and watch the clocks tick over on Saturday night than a chance to witness the only total lunar eclipse for the next three years? If it’s a clear night, head out between 11:15pm and 2:45am to get the best viewing of the eclipse, with the Moon being fully eclipsed at 12:58am. It should be visible to the naked eye throughout New Zealand, but the best viewing will be in those off the beaten track places away from city lights.

As always, we wish you safe and happy travels out there on the road! This weekend is a great time to snap some #EpicStraySummer pictures for our Facebook photo competition too!

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