Canyoning: The best adventure to get roped into!

Abel Tasman Canyons

Guest starring: Abel Tasman Canyons

Canyoning is a new, exciting, and unique activity in the Abel Tasman. We take people away from the coastline and off the beaten track to explore the remote canyons in the heart of the National Park. Here we find our hidden gems amongst the beautifully sculpted granite rock, emerald green pools with crystal clear water, and walls lined with lush ferns and deep green moss … the canyons! We jump into deep pools, we abseil through showering waterfalls, we slide down water polished chutes, and we soar over giant boulders attached to a zipline. Consider it Mother Nature’s very own hydro slide park!

Hydro slide with Abel Tasman Canyons

The day starts early, as we zoom along the beautiful coastline of the Abel Tasman on a water taxi. From the golden sand beach in Anchorage we hike to the start of the canyon. On our way up the guides share amazing stories about the native bush, the birds, and the history of the National Park. When you hear the sound of cascading water you will know you are getting close to our destination: Torrent River. After lunch it’s time to group together, put our wetsuits on, and have a safety briefing. The canyoning adventure is about to start! One by one we submerge into the water, and wait as we feel the water seep through our wetsuits.

Abel Tasmany Canyons abseil

The first feature is an abseil. We take it in turns to slowly step our way down the first rock face, familiarising ourselves with the ropes and the harnesses, and learning how to safely lower ourselves into the water below. You will overcome any nerves with the guides and the group cheering you on. You will find that everyone works together as a team, exchanging nervous smiles, but also high fives.

Abel Tasman Canyons zipline

After the first feature you will probably feel the adrenaline kick in, and you will be excited to press on and see what else the canyon has in store for you. Each feature has its own unique twist: a zipline, a surprise drop, a hidden waterfall. And the great thing is that the features build up nicely from small to big, helping you to get more and more comfortable as you go further down the canyon. By the time the eight metre jump comes up you are likely to be more than ready to take it on.

Abel Tasman Canyons 8m leap of faith

Make sure you have a look at everyone’s faces as they leap off the eight metre high cliff, land in the water, and come back up to the surface. This is what we love most about our days in the canyon: to see facial expressions change from nervous and potentially even scared to euphoric and beaming!

Big smiles after canyoning with Abel Tasman Canyons

The guides will bring out the inner superhero in you. There is a good chance you will be absolutely exhausted at the end of the canyon, but at the same time you will be astounded by what you have achieved by stepping out of your comfort zone. High-fives all round and smiles galore as we venture back into Anchorage to take the water taxi back to Marahau.

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