Buses in Laos – Stray’s new buses – the best for the job

You need the right vehicles to get further off the beaten track. I have had a great day. I’m in Vientiane – it’s at least 40 degrees. I have spent the day wandering around truck yards and steel workers. When we started in Laos we bought brand new vehicles – 24 seater mini coaches. They are now 18 months old and while being smaller than average vehicles means that they can access the back roads they are already showing wear. The key issue is that all buses are designed for city running – they find it hard on the remote back roads in the long term. The answer is relatively simple – and something that we have done successfully in New Zealand – to purpose build vehicles based on simple truck chassis – tough but with lots of room for travelers to bring everything that they want. It is a little easier said than done in Laos though (as is most things).ย  I have been visiting people with very specific plans from New Zealand – and have spent all day trying to convince people that our buses don’t need fins or dragon murals. We are on a mission to build locally so that the money goes into the community but check out the photos of the biggest bus factory in Laos – I will keep you updated on progress its going to be fun. The first photo is the end result from new Zealand





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  1. Would you please tell me where is the bus factory in lao?

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