Southeast Asia’s biggest waterfight!

Every year, during the month of April, Thailand and Laos locals and tourists alike ring in the New Year by soaking each other with high-powered water pistols and huge buckets of iced water.

And don’t think just because you’re a foreigner you’ll be safe. In fact it’s standard practice for groups of locals to cruise around town in pick-up trucks and vans with large buckets of water, bags of flour and high-powered water pistols soaking anyone from the young, to the elderly, to the unsuspecting tourist.

Pi Mai madnessBut it’s not just one big crazy water fight. Buddhist New Year is an important a celebration marking the coming of the rains. This precious water helps local farmers grow plentiful rice crops which is the staple food for the whole region.

Traditionally, locals will spend the morning washing their homes or at their temple scrubbing thousands of Buddha statues. Water is poured respectfully over elders and monks as a symbolic blessing for long life, before they head into town to party and soak their friends.

Songkran Festival 2014So you have two choices. Hide away in your hotel room until the festival is over, or don your poncho and load your Super Soaker and embrace this incredible festival.

You’ll be drenched from the moment you leave your hotel room, morning till night, but this will quite possibly be the craziest, maddest and wettest festival you will ever experience in your life!!

Stray Pi Mai

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