The Five Best Places to go Zip lining in Southeast Asia

Want the rush of the wind in your hair, the exhilaration of flying and a big adrenaline hit? Go zip lining! It’s a fun, safe activity where you get to see the scenery from a different viewpoint and race through the air at up to 100kms per hour!

The best zip line adventures combine awesome scenery with a personal challenge and of course high safety standards. Here are some of our favourites on the Stray Asia route:

1) The Gibbon Experience – Bokeo – Laos

The Gibbon Experience - Laos
Picture by: doshobos via instagram

One of the original zip line adventures, the Gibbon Experience offers the chance to not only zip line from tree house to tree house 120 feet above the jungle floor, but to also stay overnight in the tree houses and learn about protecting the endangered gibbons who live in the Nam Kan National Park. At The Gibbon Experience, zip lines are not just for fun, they’re actually functional too and were built to reduce up and down walks as part of long treks! There is over 15km of zip lines in the park. Stray passengers can hop off in Houay Xai for the Gibbon Experience.

2) Flight of the Gibbon – Chiang Mai – Thailand

Stray travellers at Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai
Stray travellers at Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai

The Flight of the Gibbon zip line canopy tour offers Asia’s longest single ‘flight’; be prepared to fly through the air for a massive 800 metres! The course is challenging with zip lines, hanging bridges and rappel descents, but two guides will accompany you throughout the course to show you the ropes (pun intended).

3) Flight of the Gibbon – Siem Reap – Cambodia

You can double up at Flight of the Gibbon Siem Reap!
You can double up at Flight of the Gibbon Siem Reap!

You can also find Flight of the Gibbon in Siem Reap. Its point of difference from the Chiang Mai site is that it is located inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor National Park. There are 21 platform stations including 10 zip lines, 4 hanging bridges and a 50 metre rappel descent. They also operate a shuttle service from Siem Reap so you don’t have to arrange your own transport to get there but be aware that since it is inside the Angkor Park you will need to pay a $20 park entrance fee on top of your zip line tour fee. So why not zip line in the morning then use the 1 Day Park Pass to visit Angkor Wat in the afternoon?

4) Dark Cave Adventure – Phong Nha – Vietnam

Zip into the dark cave! Photo by Long - our very own Stray Guide.
Zip into the dark cave! Photo by Long – our very own Stray Guide.

This one is a little further off the beaten track and is fast becoming a Stray favourite. The Phong Nha National Park has over 300 different grottoes and caves thought to be 400 million years old! This adventure isn’t a zip line course as such but it does have a 400 metre zip line goes over the river to the mouth of the Dark Cave. You’ll have to complete a short 20 metre swim to get to the cave once the zip line finishes – quite the adventure!   There’s another smaller zip line and an obstacle course that you can take on too.

5) Tree Top Explorer – Pakse – Laos


Hop off in Pakse for a 2 or 3 day zip line jungle tour to really get immersed in Laos. Trek through the jungle, sleep in tree house accommodation, spot wildlife, cool off in waterfalls, and of course fly through the tree-tops, over ravines and mighty waterfalls on the complex system of zip-lines.  The zip lines vary in size and the longest cable is just over 400 meters.  As a final challenge you’ll have to conquer the ‘via ferrata’ to return the village!

BONUS: Adventure Canyoning – Da Lat – Vietnam

A Stray traveller favourite!
A Stray traveller favourite!

The most popular activity in Da Lat is canyoning. OK, so it’s not zip lining in its purest form, but it’s pretty close and the Da Lat Canyoning Adventure is worth a mention. You’ll feel like Indiana Jones in a washing machine as you take on six challenges, completing rappels, zip lines, a natural waterslide and a 6 metre cliff jump!

A zip lining adventure is a memorable way to experience a new location, bond with your travel buddies, get your thrills and it’s bound to give you a great sense of achievement for overcoming your fears and pushing your personal limits too. So pop that helmet on, clip in and go for the ride of your life!

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