Top 5 Inspirational Instagram Pics from July

You’re out there having incredible instagram-worthy experiences everyday and we love it when you share them with us so we thought we’d share them with the world!

Here’s our pick of the top 5 inspirational instagram pictures tagged #strayasia in July.

Looking for fireflies
Looking for fireflies. By: @kelliemoodie via instagram


Elephant Retirement Park
Visiting Elephant Retirement Park – Chiang Mai. By: @danielmggtv via instagram


Bombed temple in Xe Champhone
Bombed temple in Xe Champhone. By: @arnecor via instagram


Jumping from the boat in Cambodia
Managed to make one successful group jump! By: aoifeburke8 via instagram


Women carrying bag of rice
How do you think of your life? She’s happy with what she got. By @longtraveller (aka. Tour Leader Long) via instagram

So there you have it – 5 of the best from July. Show us what you’ve got in August! Hashtag #strayasia. We look forward to seeing the photos from your adventures!