Top 5 Inspirational Instagram Pics from October

You’re out there having incredible instagram-worthy experiences everyday and we love it when you share them with us so we thought we’d share them with the world!

Here’s our top 5 inspirational instagram pictures tagged #strayasia in October…

We love this one firstly for the caption (we’ve all felt like that!) and secondly because it captures the freedom you feel when you’re travelling.

Man running and jumping from a wharf
“Im not coming home mom” By: @alexmg1 via instagram

We love this one because of the awesome beauty of Bagan and because @travelerslittetreasures is rocking a Stray backpack!

Sunrise over the temples in Bagan
“My first sunrise in Bagan overlooking hundreds of temples and pagodas 🌅 We took the night bus from Yangon and made our way straight to the ancient temple site where we got welcomed with a sunrise that took our breath away” By: @littletravelerstreasures via Instagram

We love this one because it looks so peaceful. Going to places off the beaten track, not swarming with tourists, is the best!

Pakse scenery
“Exploring Laos. #Paske #strayasia #solotravel” By: @lmackay123 via instagram

We love this one because it’s as pretty as a postcard, seriously, it could be a postcard. We’d buy it to send to our Nana.

Mekong River, Laos
“Ending the day with a cold beer lao and this scenery 🍺 We spent our first day in Laos cruising down the Mekong River and tomorrow the journey continues to Luang Prabang. Instead of a guesthouse we are going to spend the night at a homestay in a local village learning about their way of life.” By: @littletravelerstreasures via Instagram. By: @littletravelerstreasures via Instagram

We love this one because it looks like you’re having so much fun!! Challenge yourself every day 🙂

Group canyoning in Da Lat
“Cliff jumping, abseiling, and natural water sliding down the Datanla waterfalls today was one of the best experiences I’ve had since I’ve been away! ” By: @hayleyhannaford via instagram

So there you have it – our favourite pics from October. Show us what you’ve got in November! Hashtag #strayasia. We look forward to seeing the photos from your adventures.