10 Epic Pictures of Cambodia

You might have island hopped in Thailand, motorbiked through Vietnam and cruised down a river in Laos, but now it’s time to head to Cambodia! We could spend days talking about the things that make this country so special but we all know that pictures speak a thousand words…

Here are 10 of our favourite shots that will, no doubt, give you a serious case of Cambodia travel fever:

1) Iconic Temples – The number one Cambodian hotspot and UNESCO World Heritage site… Angkor Wat! Take a tour through this extravagant temple complex and marvel at its grandeur.

@tattoos_by_kiz capturing the magical reflection in the water

2) Beaches for days – Hop off in Sihanoukville and soak up some sun on Sokha beach. Or should we say SOKH up the sun 😉 (Good job we are known for our epic backpacker tours and not our sense of humour…) You’ll want to explore the Koh Rong islands while you’re there too. Undoubtedly some of the most idyllic beaches in Southeast Asia and – dare we say it – in the world!

While most of us are still perfecting the ability to smile for a photo without blinking, @berryhogan is out here putting us all to shame…

3) Electric night life – So you’ve partied on Khao San Road; next stop: Pub Street in Siem Reap. It’s a great place to spend an evening (or seven). Cheap drinks, lively bars and tons of fellow backpackers make for a pretty sweet combination. Don’t get up to too much mischief though – you wouldn’t want to miss the Stray bus the next day!

@donnahardisty getting ready for a wild night out on Pub Street

4) Culture – They say travelling is all about ‘finding yourself’, so why not get in touch with your spiritual side? Head down to the local monasteries and meet the monks for some afternoon meditation and reflection. You could even do a homestay in Battambang and experience a more rural Cambodia.

Is @donnahardisty being blessed after her crazy antics on Pub Street the night before? I guess we’ll never know… 😏

5) Breathtaking scenes –  Ready to step up your Instagram game? Well, Cambodia could not be more ‘photo ready‘. Best part is that you don’t even need fancy equipment to capture these moments – we have a theory that Cambodian sunsets would even look good on a flip-phone camera…

@janaandmiguel undoubtedly racking up the likes with this insane shot taken at Otres Beach!

6) Real life Temple Run – Calling all wannabe Lara Croft’s and Indiana Jones’! Release your inner explorer as you duck, crawl and climb through ancient temples. If you’re lucky, you might even befriend a monkey or two!

Is this just a dead end or has @kelbelle101 found a secret passageway amongst all the ruins?

7) Street food – The endless street food stalls will tease your tastebuds. How about a deep fried rat for dinner? We might consider them vermin but Cambodians consider them to be a delicacy. Some locals even think that rat meat is ‘more delicious than pork’… you’ll have to give us your verdict on that one!

Shout out to the brave @sgouldbarnett for giving the rats a try!

8) Cooking classes – If rats aren’t to your taste then you can always take a cooking class instead and learn how to prepare the best Cambodian dishes. There will always be a recipe to please everyone – meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. It won’t break the bank either… What more could a traveller ask for?!

The masterpiece that @beeandzed prepared at a cooking class in Siem Reap. Yum!

9) History – It might sound grim, but a trip to the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields is a must-do. Witness the mass graves, appreciate the Buddhist memorial and learn more about Cambodia’s dark past.

A harrowing image captured by @sgouldbarnett

10) Relaxing – Cambodia offers the perfect escape from the 9 to 5 life. Imagine swinging on a hammock, listening to the sound of the sea, watching the pastel coloured clouds swirl through the skies… Oh, you’re already booking flights? Great. We’ll see you there!

Don’t deny it, you wish you were @our_lifetravels right now!

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Tara Manjunath is a 22 year old, trilingual Brit residing in Auckland, NZ. Despite studying politics, the creative world is where she feels most at home. When she’s not working at Stray HQ, you can find her hula hooping, perfecting her yoga poses or stocking up on peanut butter supplies. She’s lived in Spain and Russia, backpacked through Latin America and road tripped through NZ… just to name a few things! Follow her adventures at sojourneywithme.com