Introducing Freestyle Tours

We’re super stoked to announce the launch of Freestyle Tours! Think of them as the love child of our original “Hop-On Hop-Off” Passes and an All-Inclusive Tour.

We’ve taken our traditional hop-on hop-off travel pass that allows you to travel up or down the East Coast of Australia at your own pace and made it even better to make planning your trip even easier.


So what is it exactly?

After listening to your feedback we recognized the demand for a product that made planning an epic East Coast adventure even easier and thus our Freestyle Tours were born.

A Freestyle Tour has all your basic travel needs included and then some! They include all of your transportation between your start and end point, some meals, your first night’s accommodation at each stop (sometimes 2 nights depending on your tour), and heaps of our favourite activities. As is the case with our hop-on hop-off passes, you’ll have all your transportation covered in one direction which will include the Stray bus in New South Wales through to Rainbow Beach, comfortable trains up through Queensland, the ferry to Magnetic Island (when applicable) and local transfers. At each of our Strademark locations we’ve included all our favourite activities that cannot be missed. Think a day trip to the Blue Mountains, tubing in Barrington Tops National Park, a surf lessons at Spot X, Treasure Island Adventure on Great Keppel Island and an off the grid experience in the rainforest up in Tully just to name a few. Normally these activities would be extra additions, but they’re all included and so much more in our Freestyle Tours (inclusions vary by tour). You’ll even have some of your meals included.

Our goal in creating Freestyle Tours was to provide travellers with the same freedom and flexibility of a hop-on hop-off pass but eliminate as much of the stress that comes with planning and budgeting for a trip as possible. By including so many activities, accommodation, and meals, we’ve taken out a lot of the leg work so you can make the most of your time in Australia!

We put a lot of thought into selecting what would be included in our tours which is why you’ll find a good combination of our own unique, hidden gems & activities as well as plenty of iconic Australian locations. Sure, everyone comes to Australia to see the Sydney Opera House, which is stunning and we highly recommend, but we wanted to dig deeper than the surface and get you off the beaten track and out into authentic Aussie places and experiences as well.

For more information on exactly what’s included in each of our Freestyle Tours, check them out below!  If you have any questions about Freestyle Tours, drop us an email here.