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Check out our incredible Vietnam video!

Last week we released our brand new video of Vietnam.

We hope you’ll agree, it’s pretty amazing:

The video was made by the travelling duo “Rat and Dragon” – as they made their way up the country on our Dong Pass. Known to their friends as Nicola and Saxon, the pair are based in the UK but can be currently found globe-trotting following their “quest for travel content to knock your socks off”!

Their current project (the “Epic Journey”) sees them go from Hyde Park, London to Hyde Park, Sydney – without getting on a plane!

Nicola and Saxon on location in Vietnam © Rat and Dragon Ltd

Of their Stray Asia experience, Nicola told us:

Vietnam is a visually stunning country full of awesome, friendly people and so many distinct places to discover – which kept us on our toes to capture everything. We also met really cool people on the Stray bus and filming them in these beautiful locations was great fun.

We loved the beach and the old town at Hoi An. We would have hopped off there like some our new mates if it wasn’t for our hectic filming mission. We heard they had a blast meeting the next Stray group too.

You can follow their adventures on the R&D website, including some great tips for fellow videographers about how to shoot elephants

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