Learning to Fish the Laos Way at Nong Khiaw

About 2 weeks ago I did a trip to Nong Khiaw, a small town by the Nam Ou river in beautiful Laos. We did an awesome day trip

Our guide cooking our catch to Ban Huaykhoung, which is a tiny village miles from anywhere. During our one hour boat trip, we got given the opportunity to have a swim in the river. We were the attraction for the local children! They have not seen many “falang” (white skinned people) before, so they loved observing our pale bodies swimming in the water. They were so excited that they joined us and we all made our first Laos friends!

The fun times in the water made us very hungry so we had to organize ourselves some lunch. As we were in a tiny village without a big supermarket, we had no other choice but to fish for our meal.  All we had to use was a fishing net. The local guide had so much fun watching us as we tried hard to catch some fish. When I wanted to throw the net into the river, the inevitable happened: I lost it! The crowd went wild! The local kids jumped into the river straight away to dive for the net. They were so passionate about trying to find it on the ground of the river and they eventually managed it. Our guide did not want to risk the loss of the fishing net again, so he gave us some useful advice on how to fish. In the end we had the most delicious meal of fish and we were proud to have caught it ourselves.

Martin Fechner

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Tom Atkinson
Tom Atkinson
1 May 2012 2:08 am

It looks like a Maori Hangi! Then again, I just noticed the fish is not covered in dirt like a Kiwi one would be. Sounds tasty.

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