Stray Days – stories from the road. Straying with Brett!

This month we’re Straying with Brett Hudson from New Zealand who recently got off the beaten track in Vietnam on the Dong Pass.

Brett - CEO of StrayBrett is the CEO of Stray. He strongly believes all Stray staff should get on the buses and experience our tours like our passengers do at least once a year. Every time we do, we come back with new ideas, renewed passion and a sense of pride in the epic life-changing experiences our team puts together for our passengers. Believe it or not, Brett had never been on the Dong Pass, so he set off for Vietnam, and was absolutely blown away!


What is the most interesting thing you learnt or did while on tour?

We went to a restaurant that’s also a gallery in Da Lat, there we had an amazing dinner and watched the owner of create a painting with his fingers right in front of our eyes, it was a very unique and impressive experience.  A reminder how talented humans can be.

Hand painted art.
Art created right in front of us and the painter only used his fingers!

What is a handy tip for other travellers thinking about Straying Asia?

Make sure your passport has at least 6 months on it if you’re going to Laos. My passport only had 5 months and 16 days left on it and they wouldn’t let me in! Fail 🙁 

What surprised you the most about your tour in Vietnam?

How much I would like the food, it was amazing! Our guide took us to all his favourite restaurants. My favourite dish was pho (pronounced ‘fur’) which is a really tasty soup loaded with meat, fresh herbs and chillies, noodles and bean sprouts. It doesn’t look filling but it is! 

Pho - noodle soup
Pho – Vietnamese noodle soup

What’s the one thing you’re going to tell everyone back home about your trip?

That the ability for the Vietnam people to forgive the past and look forward is quite incredible, there are many cultures around the world that can’t.  It was a real revelation that it’s tomorrow that matters and what we do with it that really counts. 

What is the one thing you would want to say to the new friends that you made on the bus?

Keep travelling and thanks for sharing your stories with me and for listening to mine.        

Rollercoaster in Da Lat
On the rollercoaster with my new mates in Da Lat


What is your favourite selfie/photo that you took on the bus and why?

I actually took a whole bunch of selfies and photos on the guided city tour of Hanoi and made a slideshow…


When you look back on your trip, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind?

Relaxing on the beach in Bai Xep – unreal. 

Bai Xep Beach
The picture I took while relaxing on the beach in Bai Xep.


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