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Swimming in the Mekong River

Join Stray’s European Sales Rep Charles ‘Chucky’ Fryer as he prepares to swim in Southeast Asia’s mighty Mekong River at Ban Pak Nguey, Stray’s exclusive overnight homestay in northern Laos.
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Boat trip along the Mekong River with Stray Travel

On the boat ride to the Laos homestay our group of 16 chatted about the chance to finally swim in the Mekong. Some were excited about the chance, others a little hesitant. It was a warm 27 degrees that day, so I was ready for a swim in the most famous river in South East Asia. Once we reached the homestay and put away all our bags and sleeping gear into our sleeping area, the sun was already setting behind the hills. Luckily it was still a warm but comfortable 24 degrees. So after soaking up a few more rays of sun, a group of us decided it was time to jump in. Six local children were already swimming around, proving to those who were worried about the temperature and catfish that it was survivable!

Some were a little quicker at jumping in than others; I was one of the last of the nine who went swimming. I thought if there were any of the famous ‘monster catfish’ lurking in the water, better let the others get eaten first.

The banks of the Mekong River, Laos

Finally with GoPro in hand, I dove into the water. It was refreshingly cool and after the initial shock, the water was actually warm enough to swim for awhile. We swam around the locals’ fishing boats, and into the main current. After 30 minutes or so we were back on the beach where the other members of the group had the towels ready and a beer for the brave swimmers.

Swimming in the Mekong River, Laos

Once dry, warm and with a Lao Beer in hand, everyone sat together to watch the final rays of sunlight dip behind the hills. Then it was time to navigate our way up the rocks and stones to the pathway leading back into the village for the evening festivities and dinner.

Can’t wait for your chance to swim in the Mekong River at a remote Lao village homestay?
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