Catch a Stray Bus Tour for the most amazing way to see Australia

Australia is big. In fact, it’s massive. It can be difficult to plan a tour or backpacking trip that takes in everything you want to see and experience. So catch a Stray Bus Tour for the best way to see Australia!

Just in case you don’t realise just how big Australia is, here are a couple of comparisons. One of the best and most popular routes, along the spectacular east coast from Sydney to Cairns is over 2,400 km in length. That’s the equivalent of going right across Europe, from London all the way to Riga in the middle of Latvia. It’s nearly 400 km more than going up the east coast of the USA from Miami to New York.

So what is the best way to plan and organise a backpacking trip on that scale?

Trust the experts

You could try and plan your own trip and hire a car or campervan to make the journey. But as well as arranging and paying for your car hire, you would need to arrange insurance, pay for fuel, get used to driving on the left, plan your itinerary and route, book and pay for accommodation along the way – usually in the most expensive summer season – and that’s before you decide what activities you want to try en-route. Then you’ve got to find the way to get to them.

In comparison, if you choose a Stray bus tour, all the planning and itineraries featuring the best destinations, experiences and activities are already in place. All your transport and accommodation are booked and included, as well as most breakfasts and some other meals. On top of that, a Stray Tour also introduces you to a guide who knows all the must-see places as well as a small group of like-minded travel buddies who want just the same as you do. A once-in-a-lifetime trip with unforgettable experiences – and a real blast along the way!

Destination: Whitsundays Inlet Hills View
Your accommodation plus amazing destinations and experiences are all included

Let’s take a look at some of the other advantages.

To drive or not to drive?

2,421 km. That’s the east coast route from Sydney to Cairns. Of course, you don’t have to do it all. But even if you do part of the east coast, it’s a lot of driving. Not only can that be expensive in terms of car or campervan hire and fuel, but it can also be really tiring. Do you want to do that much driving? And what if you don’t have a driving licence – a Stray Tour enables you to see the best of Australia without a driving licence.

One of the plusses of a Stray bus tour is that you don’t have to drive. You just jump on the bus with your mates and leave the driving to your experienced driver/guide, who knows the way and how to get to the next exciting place to visit. Part of the fun is being able to enjoy and relax on the journey. No problem if you might have indulged in a beer too many on the previous evening. You can take a quick nap while the miles roll by. You’ll also get time to see the beauty of Australia – without having your eyes on the road or looking for road signs.

Chill out on the bus between destinations – so you can max out on the nightlife and activities that await. You’ll spend more time seeing fantastic places and trying new activities – and less time trying to sort out your trip.

Take the trip of a lifetime

The Stray team know how to plan a road trip. They are born travellers and adventure seekers just like you and have been there, done it and got the sweaty tee-shirt. You will see all the best places – towns and cities, as well as get way off the beaten track to more remote places.

You’ll take in the best attractions, from a Koala hospital to an aboriginal cultural experience, and get to know the real Australia. We take you to breathtaking views and natural wonders, seeing the beach, the bush and nature where it should be – in the wild.

Koala sleeping
A sleepy head at the Koala hospital

And all your transport is included. So when you visit K’Gari (Fraser Island) on your Stray Tour, the bus, ferry, 4 wheel drive SUVs are all part of the package. As is the 4WD safari and beach camp where we stay under the stars and close to the ocean for 2 nights. No booking additional excursions and connections to the places you really want to see.

Unforgettable experiences on the East Coast of Australia

There is going to be so much you want to pack into your east coast tour of Australia. But with so much travelling over such a wide area, it’s a logistical nightmare to fit everything in and make sure you don’t miss that truly, epic unforgettable experience or activity.

Your Stray Tour includes all that. So whether it’s taking in the jaw-dropping view from Tomaree Head, or getting the chance to visit The Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven beach, sailing and living aboard a 76′ ocean-going crewed yacht, it’s all planned and arranged for you.

Tomaree Head Summit, Port Stephens
The amazing view from Tomaree Head, Port Stephens

The bus tour of the east coast also ventures inland, providing additional activities like a star-gazing night-time canoe expedition, or a trip through the rain forest to Millaa Millaa falls. As well as the activities already included in the tour itinerary, there’s also the benefit of optional activities you can add to your trip. Try sandboarding at Stockton Dunes or kayaking on the everglades near Noosa. Have you ever been skydiving? The Stray Tour guides can help you tick that off your bucket list during our stays at Byron Bay, Noosa or Cairns.

Your Stray bus tour of the east coast also includes experiences you may not have thought about. You could get the chance to learn more about aboriginal culture. Visit an important cultural site of the Gumbaynggirr people at the spectacular Niigi Niigi (Sealy Look Out). As you discover their ancient secrets of language, storytelling, traditional customs and use of native plants, you make a contribution to keeping their unique culture and language alive.

Stray then stay

As well as having all your transport and activities lined up, you’ll also stay in some amazing places on your bus trip. We’ve already mentioned a 2-night beach camp and a further couple of nights living on board a yacht, but you’ll also stay in a mix of hostels, chic resort hotels with rooftop bars, pool decks and even clubs in the complex, as well as eco resorts and cabins in a variety of places on the tour. Some are on the beach, some in the rainforest and some right in the centre of the action.

The Surf House, Byron Bay
Stray stays… at The Surf House in Byron Bay

It’s a whole lot easier than trying to find a decent place to stay on the road, or sleep in a tent in the hot tropical climate as you travel up the east coast in summer.

Budget and buddies

Finally, not only do you have the convenience and peace of mind of all your transport, travel, accommodation and amazing activities planned, arranged and booked for you, you know what your tour is going to cost. You benefit from Stray’s buying power, negotiating and booking the best places for our tour groups. It is more cost-effective and better value than trying to book all your transport, accommodation and places to visit separately. Not only that, but all that’s left to do is budget for your spending money and any additional optional activities you decide to add along the way.

Then there is the very essence of a Stray Tour. You’re going to share this incredible trip with your guide and a small group of like-minded travel buddies. By living on the road and travelling together, discovering so many fantastic places and experiences, so many of our #straymates become friends for life on their tour.

Sailing to the Whitsunday Islands on a Stray Tour
You’ll make lifelong friends and share amazing experiences

It’s a great way to make new friends from all over the world and learn more about their culture and way of life. You know you’re going to get on because you already have so much in common. A desire to travel and experience new places and a thirst for adventure. Oh, and we’ve noticed that you guys like to chill out – and party, so they’re both built-in to the tour too. That’s why you’re all here. To see more and do more the Stray Way.

For more inspiration, here are our 10 amazing things you must do on your east coast Australia tour.

To see the full tour itineraries, destinations and fabulous activities that are included, take a look at our east coast Stray Tours. We’re confident we can help you to experience the best tour, for the best value, with the best mates.

We hope you’ll catch a Stray bus tour soon.

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