How safe is travel in Myanmar and should we support it with our tourist dollars?

“Should we continue to tour in Myanmar in light of the recent civil unrest?” This is the question that we at Stray have been wrestling with ever since the news broke last year of the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding against the Rohingya people along the remote western coastal border of Myanmar. We know Myanmar as […]

Need to Know Customs and Etiquette in Myanmar

“Different countries, different customs.” Before travelling in a new country it is always good to familiarise yourself with the local customs and etiquette. What we consider normal behaviour at home isn’t always perceived in the same fashion outside our borders. Myanmar is a country rich in culture, traditions and beliefs, and there are a few […]

How to get your Tourist eVisa for Myanmar (Burma)

Adventurous travellers and backpackers are now able to see a whole new side of Southeast Asia, a side with no western shops or restaurant chains, a country considered “exotic, genuine and off the beaten track.” With the United States lifting trade sanctions, major corporations such as GE, Mastercard and PepsiCo have recently started investing in […]