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Stray Days: Straying with Sarah and Tim


Originally from the USA and now travelling the world on an extended 20-month honeymoon (the dream, right?!), Sarah and Tim found some spare time to fill us in on their Stray adventure.

Why did you choose to travel Stray?

We originally planned to rent a camper van and self-drive around the islands, but after some research, we realized that the Stray pass was not only less expensive but included visits to places we hadn’t even heard of before! We chose the Maximus pass and it gave us the flexibility of our own road trip, for less money and less stress!

Exploring the Fjordlands

What things about kiwi culture make you giggle? 

  1. The rivalry with Australia (which the kiwis clearly win!)
  2. The phrase “sweet as.” Sweet as what? It always sounds like an incomplete thought to me! We also thought people were saying “sweet a**” at first. I’m glad we got that clarified early on!
  3. Luging. Luging definitely made us giggle.
Getting ready to luge!

What will you miss the most when you return home?

We aren’t returning home for a while since we’re on a big round-the-world trip for the next year and a half. That said, now that we’ve left New Zealand, we already miss the amazing views and hikes we experienced every day, the friendships we made with others on the bus and the excitement of not knowing everything the drivers had in store for us. Oh, and the meat pies.

An awesome rope swing in Hahei

What are the 5 things you can’t leave home without to travel in NZ?

  1. Hiking boots
  2. Ear plugs
  3. A good neck pillow for long bus days
  4. Camera
  5. Sunscreen
Raise your hands if you love NZ!

What is a handy tip for other travellers thinking about Straying NZ?

Even though Stray’s hop-on/hop-off system is flexible, definitely book your bus and extra nights’ accommodation in advance if you’re visiting during high season.

We conquered the Tongariro Crossing

When you look back on your trip, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

We were so pleased to learn so much about Maori culture on our Stray trip – from the very start until the very end. Having not been exposed to it previously, we were grateful and inspired by how much respect and pride New Zealand has for its Maori history. This will always be the first thing we think about when we reflect back on our trip.

Pure happiness on Franz Josef glacier

If you want to see more of Sarah and Tim’s adventures then you can check out their blog: and Instagram: @our21stcenturyodyssey

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