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Experience an amazing sunrise at Blue Duck Station

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Now’s the time to explore New Zealand

Experience our amazing country at the height of summer!

Explore NZ now

We are so lucky to be in New Zealand. We have the best backyard in the world. And now is the time to explore this amazing backyard. No need to wonder about when it’s the best time to travel New Zealand. It’s now!

Reasons to explore New Zealand right now

Height of summer

It’s summertime. The weather is great. Most people are back at work. There aren’t as many tourists.

Best views

Do something new, New Zealand. See more, do more. We’ll take you there. Aotearoa is waiting!

Quiet peak season

There aren’t as many travellers as before in NZ. This year, peak season is more like a quiet season.

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Overview of our New Zealand tours

See the North Island

Hop on the Stray Tour that will take you from Auckland to Wellington. But there’s more. It will take you to all the amazing things to do & see in between.

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Explore all of New Zealand

Explore the North and South Island on a Stray Tour. Hike some of NZ’s best tracks and kayak at sunrise to name a few of the amazing things you will see and do.

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South Island experience

Explore the best the South Island has to offer. See the highlights on a Stray Tour and lots of the hidden gems. See more. Do more. That’s what Stray is all about.

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This could be your view soon!

What are you waiting for? The most amazing views and activities are waiting for you. Hop on a Stray Tour and see more.

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When is the best time to explore New Zealand?

Any time is a great time to explore New Zealand. Our amazing backyard is always amazing, no matter the season. But there are moments in the year when it is an ever better time to travel New Zealand.

Reasons to travel in February

February is awesome. The weather is still great as it’s the height of summer. Often the weather is even better than at the beginning of summer in December. Most people are back at work mid-January to February and normally the majority of tourists will have left the country. The 2020-2021 summer season was already quieter than the years before, which means that this February (and even March) it’s the best time to travel New Zealand. A great time to explore your backyard and to see more of New Zealand.

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