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Punakha Dzong Monastery, one of the largest monestary in Asia, Punakha, Bhutan

5 Places You Should Have on Your Bhutan Tour Itinerary

By Emily / 17 July 2019

Bhutan is a mysterious travel destination where clued up travellers go to uncover the secret to happiness and lose themselves in the magic of the mountains. This tiny country has set regulations for tourism to prevent it from negatively impacting their strong culture and pristine natural environment.

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5 Reasons Why Visiting Bhutan is a Life Changing Experience

By Emily / 7 January 2019

Do you ever find yourself in a place, whether it is somewhere in nature or spiritual space, where you just take a deep breath, feel your heart fill with gratitude and smile at the wonder that is the earth we live on? Bhutan will give you that feeling. Every. Single. Day. Probably even several times […]

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