Why travel on a Stray Tour?

No matter where you travel with Stray, you can expect an incredible trip!

All Stray tours are designed to allow you to truly experience the best of the country you're travelling in. You'll get to know the people and will soak up the scenery. And you'll learn more about the culture.

When you travel with Stray you will...

Go further off the beaten track

That's our mission! You will experience places and experiences that will blow you away.

Get amongst local culture

Experience the best of what the locals have to offer. Your Stray Guide will make it easy for you to get involved.

Visit more national parks & heritage sites

We’ll simply take you closer to the action! There is a reason why we say: See More. Do More.

Meet awesome people

Meet like-minded travellers and make lifelong friendships. A Stray Tour is all about travelling together, creating memories and sharing the experience.

Have 'no worries'

Stray is the ‘no stress’ way to get around. Let someone else do the driving. You just have to sit back and relax. No worries at all.

See amazing places

Discover incredible places that you’re unlikely to find in a guidebook. Iconic places the average tourist probably will never see.

Amazing countries where you can hop on a Stray Tour

New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its amazing landscapes; from white sandy beaches to rugged snow-capped mountains and lush green rainforests.

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Australia - the land of golden beaches, a humongous wild outback, cheeky local wildlife and sunshine for days! Australia will steal your heart.

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Southeast Asia

Discover vibrant cities, ancient ruins from bygone empires, mouthwatering cuisine, lush mountain jungle and sparkling beaches.

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When is the best time to explore New Zealand?

Any time is a great time to explore New Zealand. Our amazing backyard is always amazing, no matter the season. But there are moments in the year when it is an ever better time to travel New Zealand.

Reasons to travel in February

February is awesome. The weather is still great as it's the height of summer. Often the weather is even better than at the beginning of summer in December. Most people are back at work from mid-January to February and normally the majority of tourists will have left the country. The 2020-2021 summer season was already quieter than the years before, which means that this February (and even March) it's the best time to travel New Zealand. A great time to explore your backyard and to see more of New Zealand.

Reasons to travel in March, April and May

Autumn (or Fall) in New Zealand is just awesome. Leaf-changing season is the most colourful season. Explore the South Island and see how Mother Nature has changed the scenery.

Autumn weather in New Zealand is nice with sunny days (and sometimes light-rain). Days are a bit shorter now as evening sets in earlier. It is also the time to carry a jumper with you as it might be a bit chilly at night. Not cold, just chilly. Make the most of autumn in New Zealand and hop on a Stray bus tour. Check out these amazing NZ autumn photos and see the amazing colours.

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