Guide to Laos: Getting Off The Beaten Track

By Emily / 30 April 2019

Laos was once a hidden gem of Southeast Asia, but is getting more crowded by the day. Globetrotting backpacker and blogger Tasha Amy (of Backpackers Wanderlust), shares her guide to Laos and advice for getting away from the crowds.

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Vang Vieng

By Emily / 29 November 2018

Ah, Vang Vieng. Considered by many to be the highlight destination in Laos on the famous “Banana Pancake Trail” through Southeast Asia. Vang Vieng is home to adventurous outdoor activities set amongst gorgeous natural scenery.

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Lone Buffalo, Laos – A Foundation for the Future

By Emily / 20 July 2018

At Stray, we believe that travel is a two-way exchange between travelers and locals. It’s important for us to give back to local communities in return for the incredible things that they teach us about their cultures. Find out more about Lone Buffalo, a not-for-profit school in Laos and how Stray make a difference with […]

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Life is slower in Laos

By Emily / 13 March 2018

Everyday in our busy lives we rarely take the time to appreciate the small wonders in our world. There’s so much on our to-do list – things we need to do, things we don’t want to do, the things we treat ourselves to: a manicure at the mall, a takeaway on the way home because […]

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6 reasons why you can’t skip Laos

By Emily / 21 February 2018

Laos – the underdog of South East Asia – is often overlooked by it’s more popular neighbours: Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. However those who’ve been there will say just how great this beautiful little country is! With its hidden caves, lush jungles, terraced rice paddies and rural villages it has all the potential to be a […]

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Making a difference at the Laos Homestay Village

By Emily / 1 June 2017

Nestled on the banks of the mighty Mekong River in northern Laos sits the tiny village of Ban Pak Nguey, location of Stray’s Laos village homestay. Over the past 3 years, this rural community has hosted Stray travellers from all over the world. In 2016 alone, over 900 people strayed through the village, stopping overnight […]

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10 Things to do in Luang Prabang

By Emily / 20 December 2016

Luang Prabang surely will be one of your highlights traveling through Laos. Luang Prabang is a city in the north of Laos and famous for its cultural and religious sights, as well as its French Colonial influenced architecture. If you are planning to tick another great UNESCO World Heritage site off your bucket list, you […]

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A Quick Guide to Lao Food

By Emily / 29 April 2016

When planning an eating tour across Southeast Asia, every foodie dreams of fresh Pad Thai piled high in Thailand and hot photo slurp in Vietnam. With the popular Thai and Vietnamese cuisines stealing the limelight, Laos could easily be an afterthought when planning your foodie dream tour in the region. But don’t make that mistake […]

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Top 5 Tips for Celebrating Songkran and Pi Mai Lao

By Emily / 8 April 2016

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling through Thailand or Laos between April 13-15 this year, be prepared to experience the wet and wild one-of-a-kind water festivals known as Songkran/Thai New Year and Pi Mai Lao/Lao New Year.

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Schwimmen im Mekong

By Emily / 15 March 2016

Begleite Charles ‘Chucky’ Fryer, Stray’s Teammitglied aus Europa, auf seiner Südostasienreise entlang des Mekong Flusses, inklusive einer Übernachtung bei einer Gastfamilie in Nord- Laos. Auf der Bootsfahrt zu unserem „Homestay“ habe ich mich mit meiner Gruppe unterhalten, ob jemand im Mekong schwimmen würde. Einige freuten sich über diese Möglichkeit, andere hingegen waren etwas zögerlich. Als […]

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Swimming in the Mekong River

By Emily / 14 March 2016

Join Stray’s European Sales Rep Charles ‘Chucky’ Fryer as he prepares to swim in Southeast Asia’s mighty Mekong River at Ban Pak Nguey, Stray’s exclusive overnight homestay in northern Laos. (Read in German >>) On the boat ride to the Laos homestay our group of 16 chatted about the chance to finally swim in the […]

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Notes from the Road: Southern Laos

By Emily / 4 February 2015

Every now and then we ask our Stray crew and passengers for their stories from the road. One of our passengers Rick kindly agreed to provide us with his travel diary from the Southern Laos part of his recent trip on the Lot pass. When most people think of Laos, they think of Luang Prabang, […]

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Bucket showers, happy hours en goed gezelschap

By Emily / 1 December 2014

We’d like to welcome to the blog Eline Rugebregt, a Dutch traveller who recently travelled through Asia with Stray. To follow in her footsteps, check out the Mekong Pass today! Ik heb mijn ticket naar Bangkok geboekt gedurende een acute opwelling van ‘Wanderlust’. Mijn visum voor Nieuw Zeeland zou over enkele maanden verlopen en ik […]

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Southeast Asia’s biggest waterfight!

By Emily / 2 May 2014

Every year, during the month of April, Thailand and Laos locals and tourists alike ring in the New Year by soaking each other with high-powered water pistols and huge buckets of iced water. And don’t think just because you’re a foreigner you’ll be safe. In fact it’s standard practice for groups of locals to cruise […]

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Slow boat in Laos

Riding the Slow Boat in Laos

By Emily / 15 April 2014

One of the many advantages of travelling with Stray Asia is private transportation. Along the Mekong River, Stray takes a 2-day slow boat trip, run by a local family. This allows us to travel out our own pace with plenty of room on the boat for both people and food, in stark contrast to the […]

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