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The best place to start planning your tour of South East Asia is the Stray Travel blog. Our team of passionate travellers has created heaps of blog posts to tell you what to do and see in Asia. Start reading and start planning.

As always, we're looking forward to welcoming you on board one of the Stray Asia tours.

Lone Buffalo, Laos – A Foundation for the Future

By Emily / 20 July 2018

At Stray, we believe that travel is a two-way exchange between travellers and locals. It’s important for us to give back to local communities in return for the incredible things that they teach us about their cultures. Find out more about Lone Buffalo, a not-for-profit school in Laos and how Stray makes a difference with […]

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3 Places in South-East Asia that Will Change How You View the World

By Emily / 18 May 2018

South-East Asia is also steeped in a dark and violent history, things that you might not have been exposed to in Western society, but once you visit these places on your travels, and hear the stories, the lessons of this history will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Should you travel South-East Asia in the low season? It was an amazing experience for me.

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 24 April 2018

Many backpackers choose to travel South-East Asia in the summer months (October to February) in order to take full advantage of the cooler climate. Also, to experience this region in all its lively and bustling glory. However, travelling in monsoon season aka low-season is amazing too!

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The Best Places to Celebrate Songkran in South East Asia

By Emily / 2 April 2018

In many countries, New Year is celebrated with fireworks but in Southeast Asia it’s celebrated with… water! We’re not talking about a splash here and there, but three whole days of the biggest outdoor water fights in the world! Locals and backpackers alike take to the streets armed with water pistols for Thai New Year […]

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Stray Days – Stories from the road. Straying with Gemma!

By Emily / 19 March 2018

Gemma Daniel, originally from Wales in the UK, quit her job to travel for a year and a half. She spent 4 months travelling around Asia on a Stray Tour and even celebrated her 26th birthday on the Stray bus in Bai Xep! She’s planning to keep travelling around the world but we managed to […]

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SAE LAO Farm, Vieng, Laos

Life is slower in Laos: time to relax and to appreciate the little things in life

By Emily / 13 March 2018

As you cross the border into Laos, something instantly feels different. The busy life we’re used to back home has changed to a more relaxed lifestyle where we are able to see and appreciate the little things in life. Life surely is slower in Laos.

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Often overlooked yet so amazing: 6 reasons to travel to Laos as soon as it is possible

By Emily / 21 February 2018

With its hidden caves, lush jungles, terraced rice paddies and rural villages it has all the potential to be a contender in the running for your favourite SE Asia destination yet. Here are just 6 reasons why, if you’re planning your Southeast Asian adventure, you simply can’t skip Laos!

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Angkor Wat

This is how you create an easy travel plan for an awesome week in Cambodia

By Emily / 14 February 2018

We’ve put together a brief guide outlining all of Cambodia’s highlights and how to make the most of your time there if you only have a week to spare. That way you can see the popular attractions and some of the hidden gems.

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Exploring Hue on a motorbike tour

Is a motorbike tour the best way to explore Hue in Vietnam? Sneak preview: YES!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 8 February 2018

This time, Rachael shared her travel diary on one of the highlights of her entire trip: a two=wheel experiences guided motorbike tour of Hue in Vietnam. Check it out.

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How safe is travel in Myanmar and should we support it with our tourist dollars?

By Emily / 25 January 2018

“Should we continue to tour in Myanmar in light of the recent civil unrest?” This is the question that we at Stray have been wrestling with ever since the news broke last year of the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding against the Rohingya people along the remote western coastal border of Myanmar.

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Koh Tunsay, Cambodia

Stray Days – Stories from the road. Straying with Rachael!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 21 December 2017

Rachael decided to spend a leisurely couple of months travelling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam on a Stray Asia Tour. Here she’s shared some of her top experiences and stories from the road…

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A Guide to the Best Authentic Asian Cuisine. Take your Taste Buds on a Heavenly Trip

By Emily / 14 August 2017

South-East Asia is a feast for the senses, it’s the prospect of an actual culinary feast that’s at the forefront of our minds. Southeast Asia is a food lover’s dream with countless options to tempt the taste buds. This is our list of the best authentic dishes or street food in Asian cuisine.

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Punakha Dzong Monastery, one of the largest monestary in Asia, Punakha, Bhutan

Stray Days – Stories from the road. Straying with Clarke!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 13 July 2017

Done straying in New Zealand? Where can you go next? Luckily the Stray Universe is an ever-expanding entity, so there are heaps of options. Check out this travel story from Clarke who decided to stray Asia after finishing his work & travel holiday in New Zealand.

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Why ‘The Killing Fields’ & ‘S-21’ are a Must-See in Phnom Penh

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 23 June 2017

Although not the lightest and brightest of conversation topics, the darker history of the Cambodian culture is extremely important. As a responsible traveller, it is crucial for you to understand the places and the cultures that you visit for what they were in the past and how that’s impacted what they are like today.

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Making a difference at the Laos Homestay Village

By Emily / 1 June 2017

Nestled on the banks of the mighty Mekong River in northern Laos sits the tiny village of Ban Pak Nguey, location of Stray’s Laos village homestay. Over the past 3 years, this rural community has hosted Stray travellers from all over the world.

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Get ready for your trip to Southeast Asia with our travel blog

There are so many blog posts in our Asia blog that we’re confident that you’ll find answers to all the questions you have. Whether that’s planning and preparing for your trip before you go or getting some inspiration for the next stop on the road while you’re there – our Asia travel blog has got you covered.

All our posts are written by members of the Stray team or by guest bloggers who have travelled throughout south-east Asia. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, you’ll find a blog post by a fellow traveller who has been there, done it and got the sarong!
Before you even leave home, you can use the blog to find out what to pack (or more importantly what not to pack) and how to avoid the common mistakes that other travellers have made.

They know that the $1 tuk-tuk ride sounds like a bargain – but they also know why it isn’t!

Tons of travel tips in the Asia blog

There is so much information in the southeast Asia travel blog, partly because the area is made up of several countries, but also because it’s a backpacker’s paradise. The blog posts will help you know what to expect on your trip. For example, you can learn the best way to use a “Bum Gun” and how to avoid the unwanted (and painful) “Thai Tattoo.”
Find out what it’s like to visit in the low season or monsoon season and when and how you celebrate Songkran, the Thai New Year.

There’s even the inside track on what it’s really like at a Ladyboy show, just in case you’ve never been to one before!

Use the blog to find the best activities

As well as exploring this beautiful part of the world, our Asia blog highlights all the different activities on offer. You might want to take the Flight of the Gibbon, but only if you want to go zip lining. You’ll learn where is the best river for river tubing and where to find the best night market in Vietnam.

Discover the places you must not miss

In our travel blog, you’ll also discover where you can take a moonlit, midnight swim surrounded by luminescent plankton. And why you should take a slow Mekong River cruise to travel between bustling Thailand and tranquil Laos.

There are tips on why you should explore the Kinabatangan river in the Borneo jungle and why a motorbike tour is a must in Hue in Vietnam.
Use the blog as a foodie guide to south-east Asia

Unsurprisingly, our travellers like to eat, and they share the best places to enjoy super tasty south-east Asian food in the blog- as well as a cold Beer Loa at the end of the day.

Find out where to eat the best Bahn Mi in Vietnam or buy the tastiest Pad Thai in Bangkok. If you don’t know your Vietnamese Pho from your Cambodian Lok Lak, you can learn the difference from our blog posts.

Tell us what you think of our travel blog

Please share your comments at the bottom of the blog posts too. You might have a question one of our readers or team could answer, or you might know about the beautiful temple high in the mountains or the spiciest Fish Amok other travellers must try. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you and share your experiences with our Stray community.

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