English teachers wanted in NE Laos

People often ask us whether volunteering work is available in Laos, a bit like WWOOFing for example. Our friends at Die Bambusschule (a school in NE Laos) are seeking volunteers.

Interested in making a difference for the children in the rural Northeast of Laos? The Bamboo School Foundation is looking for volunteer English teachers, who are willing to work at one of their schools for a period of 2-3 months.

More info about Die Bambusschule

“Our Foundation was founded in 2006 and we believe that education and health are the most important preconditions of any further sustainable development. Therefore, our foundation initiates, plans and finances various undertakings regarding the respective infrastructure, such as schools, boardinghouses, health centres, surveys and employs volunteers in our project area – the Muang Ngoi District.

At the moment, we are primarily looking for English teachers for our school. Since 2006, we’ve built three primary schools, one boarding house and one secondary school in the Muang Ngoi District. So, most likely, the volunteer will be working with primary school kids.

We are looking for English native speakers (or people with a very high English language proficiency), preferably with some kind of teaching experience or experience in working with kids.

The volunteer will lead the English classes on his/her own, but we will aid the volunteer with setting up a teaching schedule, give them ideas for games/ teaching methods, etc. Experience has shown, though, that the after school “playtime” in English is equally, if not more, important for improving the child’s English proficiency. Therefore, we encourage our volunteers to spend time with the kids in the afternoon: Go swimming with them, go fishing, and play games.

While in the project area, the volunteer will stay be “home staying” with a Lao family. They will share their house, eat their food and get an insight into Lao family life. He or she will get a true Lao experience, far away from where the average traveller goes – this is an experience that you will not forget for the rest of your life. Their work will make a real impact on the village children’s life, improving their chances of getting a good job later on.

The foundation will pay for food and accommodation, while the volunteer is in the project area. We will not cover costs for health insurance (get an affordable & comprehensive insurance policy online) and visa, though.”



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