Ditch the hop, embrace the top: why our new fixed tours are your ultimate Aussie & Kiwi adventure!

Remember when hunting for hop-on/hop-off tours was the vibe, like stumbling upon a viral TikTok track from the pre-pandemic archives? It was a jam for the ages! But let’s be real, after the wild rollercoaster of the past few years, travel’s rhythm has done a 180. It’s time to level up and dance to a whole new beat. No more spending forever planning your itinerary—leave that to the experts who know how to hit all the right notes. Swipe right on our lineup of thrill-packed bus tours in Australia and New Zealand. This isn’t just travel; it’s the ultimate playlist for your next chart-topping adventure. Let’s make your journey the trend everyone’s vibing to!

The magic of ADVENTURE and SELECT

ADVENTURE and SELECT are two brand-new tour categories in both Australia and New Zealand. This is the future of bus tours. Expand your horizon and capture the #StraySpirit. Let’s explain what we mean by naming these tour categories ADVENTURE and SELECT.


‘More’ is what these new ADVENTURE tours are about. More fun, more thrills, more mates to chat with after an amazing day of adventuring, and more tour days. We’ve taken bus tours to the max. Unleash your wild side and let your spirit roam free with our new ADVENTURE Tours in Australia and New Zealand.

Dive into shared dorm-style digs and power up for unforgettable activities. Feel the essence of Aussie or Kiwi wanderlust while forging bonds that’ll last a lifetime. ADVENTURE Tours are the next-level version of our famous backpacker tours, without the hop but way more hip! No need to worry about where to stop and what to do, just sit back and relax. We’ll do the driving and as soon as the bus stops you know that it is time for adventure. These tours are jam-packed with amazing scenery, excitement and fun.

Travellers going for a bungy jump in New Zealand
Our new ADVENTURE tours are absolute adrenaline. Let’s make some ‘did that really just happen?’ memories!

Whether going for an Aussie ADVENTURE or a Kiwi ADVENTURE, they are jam-packed with amazing activities and fun. In Australia, it’s all about waterfalls, rainforests, sailing, and wildlife spotting, for example, a 4WD Safari to K’gari (formerly Fraser Island), exploring the breath-taking Whitsunday Islands, and visiting Magnetic Island, a wildlife paradise filled with koalas and wallabies. In New Zealand, Hobbiton Movie Set Tour, Lake Aniwhenua Cultural Experience, Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Abel Tasman National Park and a Milford Sound Cruise are a few of the awesome activities that are included in these new ADVENTURE Tours. Which activities are included depends on the specific ADVENTURE Tour you go for. Compare are tours now and get ready for adventure.


Love your adventure with a side of luxury? Our SELECT Tours are spot on for you. This is where comfort meets thrill. Kick back in 3-4 star twin accommodations after a day of immersive, must-do activities. Immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Australia or New Zealand with experiences that are far from your average tourist traps.

SELECT Tours are designed for travellers who’ve evolved beyond the usual backpacker circuits, yet are fueled by that everlasting adventurous spirit – the journey never truly ends! Dorms no longer appeal to you as you cherish having a bit more of a private space, so you are looking for that extra touch of comfort and a more relaxed way of travelling. But you don’t want to miss out on thrills and amazing activities! Come on you’re not old yet, your requirements have just changed. And so have our tours, that’s where SELECT Tours come in.

Experience activities like the geothermal magic of Geyser by Night and a 4WD Eco Safari in remote Blue Duck Station in New Zealand; or visiting the untouched southern Great Barrier Reef at Lady Musgrave Island, and gaining an understanding of the incredible Aboriginal Culture in Australia. Have a look at our SELECT Tours in Australia or go for SELECT in New Zealand.

Girl traveller enjoying sunset while swinging on a rope tied to branch of a tree.
Don’t just hang around dreaming of adventure – swing into the next epic chapter of travel with our new tours

And what about hop-on/hop-off? Will it come back?

As we’ve explained in an earlier blog post, our Freestyle Passes aka the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Network remain on hold while we focus on these exciting new Stray Journeys tours to match with what modern travellers & new-style backpackers are looking for – epic adventures with all the good stuff included but without the hassle of organising everything yourself!

But why you might ask, why are you keeping hop-on/hop-off tours on hold? Other companies still have these hop-on/hop-off tours. Well, the answer is simple….

The hidden pitfalls of hop-on/hop-off tours

So, you’ve heard of hop-on/hop-off tours and are tempted by the freedom they offer. But hold onto your backpack straps because it’s not always sunny skies and smooth rides in the world of hopping buses. Let’s look into why they might not be the golden ticket they seem:

  • Summer Frenzies: Imagine this: you’re soaking up the sun, vibing with the local culture, and then – WHAM! – every bus is chock-a-block full. Summer turns those buses into jam-packed sardine cans, leaving you stranded, waiting for that ever-elusive empty seat. Talk about summer blues!
  • The Paradox of Choice: Yes, flexibility is the name of the game, but can too much of a good thing be, well, not so good? Often, travellers end up playing their own travel agent, drowning in the logistics and sucking the spontaneity right out of their journey. Instead of “hop-on/hop-off”, it starts to feel more “stop-and-stress”.
  • DIY Overload: After hopping off, the real challenge begins. From hunting down that cosy, budget-friendly accommodation to navigating from bus stops to your chosen stay, or even just scratching your head about what to do next – it’s an endless loop of to-dos. The thrill of adventure? Replaced by the anxiety of planning.
  • Stress & Anxiety Overdrive: Ever had those nights, tossing and turning, wondering if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? That’s often the song of the hop-on/hop-off traveller. The idea of freedom morphs into a daunting chore list, replacing euphoria with anxiety and not knowing how much you need to spend or save so you don’t run out of cash!

The Stray solution: seamless, stress-free tours!

Lucky for you, there’s a silver lining. Dive into our new fixed tours, where adventure meets ease and spontaneity gets a structured twist. Why wade through the muddy waters of planning when you can cruise on a clear stream with us? Know that you’ve paid for almost all of your adventure upfront – you just need spending money for extra meals, drinks and a few optional extra activities – so you can relax and really live in the moment!

  • Private Coaches: Forget those crowded buses. Travel in style and comfort with our exclusive rides.
  • Curated Itineraries: Enjoy the best of both worlds. Structure when you need it, freedom and free days to explore when you don’t.
  • Comfy Stays: Bypass the accommodation hunt. We’ve handpicked dreamy digs just for you.
  • Foodie Vibes: Get ready for a tasty journey as breakfasts and some other features meals are included.
  • Small Groups: Forge deeper connections in intimate groups, making memories and mates that last a lifetime.

Why compromise when you can have it all? Choose peace of mind, choose adventure, choose value for money. Ditch the stress and embrace the zest and #StrayTheRightWay!

Follow your heart and explore Australia and New Zealand the #StrayWay. Embrace the change.
Follow your heart and explore Australia and New Zealand the #StrayWay. Embrace the change.

You only have to choose between exploring Australia or New Zealand, as our amazing new tour categories have launched in both countries (just with some minor tweaks and variations between the Aussie and Kiwi tours). So here’s a little help in making that choice.

Reasons to dive head-first into New Zealand

Yes, we are talking about bungy jumping, New Zealand is where it all started. But there is so much more… nestled between snow-capped mountains, ethereal beaches, glaciers and wild coastline, New Zealand is like that page in a fairy tale book you’ve always wanted to step into. The #StrayWay guarantees a unique, off-the-grid journey through the Kiwi wonders.

Check out the new Kiwi ADVENTURE Tours or the SELECT Tours in New Zealand. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces on board.

Australia: amazing weather, cheeky wildlife & ancient culture

Australia – where golden beaches meet iconic landmarks and lush rainforests. From Sydney’s glam to Cairns’ tropical allure, every corner promises a story. Stray’s the only company taking you through this majestic coast with exclusive private buses, going off the beaten track, ensuring every memory is uniquely yours.

See, no matter which country you go for, choose an Aussie SELECT Tour or Australian ADVENTURE Tour and we’ll make the magic happen. We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board.


Marty was Stray's residential digital geek. His favourite areas in New Zealand are the Catlins, Taranaki, East Cape and any place where a craft beer brewery or record store can be found. In Australia, he loves to explore Western Australia or go for a trip in the Cairns or Brisbane area. He will never stop exploring.

Recently we launched heaps new Stray New Zealand Tours. Our new Adventure Tours are the best thing since Hop-On/Hop-Off, we've cranked up the excitement dial to max. And our new Select Tours are perfect for travellers that want to explore without compromising on comfort.

Experience New Zealand's stunning diversity, from white beaches to snowy mountains and lush rainforests, with Stray.

Adventure Tours in New Zealand

Attention, adrenaline junkies and fun-chasers!

Our Adventure Tours are here to supercharge your wanderlust and quench your thirst for the extraordinary. It'll be a journey that's cranked up to eleven - the launchpad for your epic adventure and lifelong friendships.

Select Tours in New Zealand

The road less travelled - without compromising on comfort

Buckle up for our Select Tours, the trip of a lifetime. Picture this: kicking back in 3-4 star twin/double accommodation after a day of unique, must-do activities. This isn't your average tourist experience; it's an amazing experience to the heart and soul of New Zealand.

Ready for the ultimate East Coast journey? Choose Stray, and hop on our private bus tours! Forget the hassle of public transport – we're going from Sydney to Cairns and doing it the fun way! Dive deeper, explore more, and get the coolest East Coast vibes only with us!

We've just dropped our sizzling Stray Australia Tours! We've turned the adventure vibes ALL the way up on our new Adventure Tours. And for those craving the perfect mix of discovery and comfort, our new Select Tours got you! Explore the Aussie wonders with all the comfy feels. Are you in?

Select Tours in Australia

Explore in comfort with a touch of adventurous #StraySpirit

Our Southbound Select Tours are curated for those who yearn to explore the East Coast of Australia in comfort but aren't ready to let go of that adventurous Stray spirit. This isn't your typical touristy trek; it's an immersive journey into the vibrant heart and soul of the Land Down Under!

Adventure Tours in Australia

Dive into the ultimate Aussie escapade

Feel the wild heart of Australia beating, amped up to 100! Crash at the coolest boutique dorms we've handpicked for you - perfect chill spots between our epic escapades! Experience the unforgettable, bond with new mates, and score memories that’ll stick forever! Ready to roll, Aussie-style?

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