Meet the new boss of Stray Asia

There’s a new face leading Stray in Southeast Asia. The Orange Team is stoked to welcome Melissa Hutcheson as the new Boss of Making Things Work in Asia (General Manager Asia). After only one month on the ground in Laos, Melissa’s already bravely eaten unidentified insect salads, joined in an epic water fight for Lao […]

Going in a new direction in Cambodia

Speak and we shall listen! Based on feedback from previous Stray Asia customers and our local Stray experts, we’ve made the travel experience off the beaten track even better. Starting 1 November, there are a few route changes coming into effect for Stray Asia in Cambodia. Here’s the rundown on our new itinerary developments and […]

Living the dream in Southeast Asia

About 4 months ago I was offered a chance to live a long-standing dream and come to live and work in Asia. Ever since I first stepped foot on Asian soil 6 years ago I have been captivated by the hustle and bustle of the big cities, enchanted by the local people and their culture, and amazed […]

Itinerary Developments – Find out what’s new and how it affects you!

As of 1 July we have made a few improvements to our Southeast Asia itineraries. Some of these changes are based on travellers’ feedback and others are simply because we know it will create an even more awesome experience for you! Here’s a quick guide to the latest developments… Thailand – Laos Border Crossing With a 9am […]

Opening Times For Our Travel Shops During SE Asia New Years

The New Year holidays run 14-16 April in Laos and 13-15 April in Thailand and Cambodia. During this time we would advise it best to pre-book any accommodation and transport at least 48 hours in advance (if you are not already travelling on the bus). Thailand The Stray Bangkok Shop’s opening hours are: 12th April: 8am – […]