Fish Amok, Cambodia

5 Foods You Have to Eat in Cambodia to Take Your Taste Buds on a Delicious Adventure

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 5 January 2021

Cambodian cuisine has many similarities to that of its close neighbours Thailand and especially Vietnam. However, unlike the Thai cuisine, Cambodian dishes usually contain less sugar and chilli – which makes it far fresher in my opinion!

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Your plan for a week in Cambodia

By Emily / 14 February 2018

Despite it’s dark past, Cambodia is a charming and mysterious country with absolutely everything going for it! There are beautiful beaches, welcoming people, exquisite cuisine and of course – one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions – Angkor Wat. We’ve put together a brief guide outlining all of Cambodia’s highlights and how to make […]

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Why ‘The Killing Fields’ & ‘S-21’ are a Must Do in Phnom Penh

By Emily / 23 June 2017

Although not the lightest and brightest of conversation topics, the darker history of the Cambodian culture is extremely important. As a responsible traveller, it is crucial for you to understand the places and the cultures that you visit for what they were in the past and how that’s impacted what they are like today. There […]

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Top 5 Markets in Cambodia and Vietnam

By Emily / 24 May 2017

Visitors to Southeast Asia will be spoilt for choice on sights to see, people to meet and food to devour. However, many people also come to places like Cambodia and Vietnam in search of a great bargain, a meaningful present or a little souvenir to remind them of their time travelling. Across Cambodia and Vietnam […]

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Off The Beaten Track In Cambodia

By Emily / 2 May 2017

Angkor Wat, Killing Fields, S21 Museum and Sihanoukville – all ticked off during your time in Cambodia? We have to say, that is a great start. These are some of Cambodia’s most popular attractions and places to visit. Cambodia is a country a little bit behind Thailand in terms of tourism and infrastructure, but with […]

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Why You Can’t Miss Kampot

By Emily / 10 March 2017

Its all systems go at the moment for Cambodia. Year upon year, tourism is increasing and travellers are discovering new hip and interesting places to visit. The first thing people think of when Cambodia comes to mind is Angkor Wat, and rightly so, these ancient ruins are the world’s largest religious site, and one of […]

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10 Epic Pictures of Cambodia

By Emily / 5 March 2017

You might have island hopped in Thailand, motorbiked through Vietnam and cruised down a river in Laos, but now it’s time to head to Cambodia! We could spend days talking about the things that make this country so special but we all know that pictures speak a thousand words…

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5 Reasons To Visit Cambodia

By Emily / 27 February 2017

It may be towards the end of the busiest tourist season in Cambodia, but there is never really a bad time to visit this country. With its popularity growing more and more, it’s easy to see how and why Cambodia is on many travellers’ bucket lists. I mean, if your main tourist attraction is rated […]

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The Hidden and Outer Temples of Angkor

By Emily / 1 February 2017

I was lucky enough to have more than one day to explore the temples around Siem Reap, something I would highly recommend if you have time. With extra time to explore to my heart’s content, I chose to book onto an Angkor ‘Outer Temple’ tour (I booked through the Stray recommended ‘Hostel 543‘). Outer Temple […]

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Getting on and off the track in Battambang

By Emily / 3 August 2016

Having spent two days in Siem Reap, and visiting the Angkor Wat temples, I really started to feel a love for Cambodia and its people. I was really excited to visit the first Stray overnight stop at a village homestay, in Battambang. We were going to be accommodated in a small village, just outside of […]

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The 5 Best Beaches of Sihanoukville, Cambodia

By Emily / 26 July 2016

Life’s a beach in Sihanoukville, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Known specifically for its tropical islands, palm fringed sands and late-night atmosphere, each one of Sihanoukville’s beaches has its own charm and offerings. Some are easier on the eye, but less comfortable to relax on. Some are more crowded, but perfect […]

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Bucket showers, happy hours en goed gezelschap

By Emily / 1 December 2014

We’d like to welcome to the blog Eline Rugebregt, a Dutch traveller who recently travelled through Asia with Stray. To follow in her footsteps, check out the Mekong Pass today! Ik heb mijn ticket naar Bangkok geboekt gedurende een acute opwelling van ‘Wanderlust’. Mijn visum voor Nieuw Zeeland zou over enkele maanden verlopen en ik […]

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Going in a new direction in Cambodia

By Emily / 31 October 2014

Speak and we shall listen! Based on feedback from previous Stray Asia customers and our local Stray experts, we’ve made the travel experience off the beaten track even better. Starting 1 November, there are a few route changes coming into effect for Stray Asia in Cambodia. Here’s the rundown on our new itinerary developments and […]

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The 7 Best Things to do in Siem Reap in Cambodia

By Emily / 23 June 2014

Tourism in Cambodia has found a comfortable heart in Siem Reap, the gateway to the Angkor Temples and Cambodia’s biggest tourist destination. From its archaeological ruins, colonial architecture, nearby jungles and wild nightlife, there’s no wonder this town is unavoidable on a Southeast Asia itinerary. But what’s best to see and do?

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Gareth’s Southeast Asia Induction

By Emily / 6 February 2014

As a part of the training for my new job as Sales Manager in Australia, I was forced to go to Asia for two weeks… I know, tough right? But, someone has to do it! Here is a bit about my time there. Thailand My trip started in Bangkok where I was able to meet […]

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