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Gareth’s Southeast Asia Induction

By Emily / 6 February 2014

As a part of the training for my new job as Sales Manager in Australia, I was forced to go to Asia for two weeks… I know, tough right? But, someone has to do it! Here is a bit about my time there.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cambodia: from the Dark Past to the Light of Today

By Emily / 19 January 2014

What images first come to mind when you hear the name ‘Cambodia’? Whatever comes to mind, Cambodia marries a vibrant culture with a tumultuous history and makes for a fascinating part of travelling through South-East Asia.

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How The Cambodian People And Culture Inspired Me

By Emily / 7 October 2013

Having never previously spent over 48 hours in Cambodia, I was blown away on my last visit there by the people.  Living in Laos for six months had provided me with a certain preconception about how the local Cambodian people would be.

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