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The slow boat in Laos

Best way to get from Thailand to Laos? Skip the soulless flights or crowded busses. Choose adventure instead!

By Emily / 4 February 2019

If you’re backpacking in Southeast Asia, naturally the next country to visit after Thailand is Laos. You might be wondering how to get from Thailand to Laos and be considering your options. You could take a soulless flight or a crowded bus. Or you can choose adventure and travel by slow boat along the Mekong River.

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A Love Letter From The Road: Welsh travellers exploring South-East Asia [review]

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 16 January 2019

Welsh couple Bethyn and Gerwyn recently travelled Asia on a Stray Asia Tour, where they experienced the best of Thailand and Laos. Luckily for us, they got in touch afterwards, and let us know just what is so special about travelling in these countries with Stray.

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Punakha Dzong Monastery, one of the largest monestary in Asia, Punakha, Bhutan

Stray Days – Stories from the road. Straying with Clarke!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 13 July 2017

Done straying in New Zealand? Where can you go next? Luckily the Stray Universe is an ever-expanding entity, so there are heaps of options. Check out this travel story from Clarke who decided to stray Asia after finishing his work & travel holiday in New Zealand.

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Elephant in Asia - Matt Artz (Unsplash)

The elephant in the room… Elephant experiences in Asia: yes or no?

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 6 April 2017

Elephants have long since been my favourite animals. I am not sure what attracts me to them but I know my first teddy was an Elephant called Ellie and I still have him 23 years on. For those heading to Southeast Asia the opportunity to meet one of these majestic gentle giants is often quite […]

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Expert Advice For Your First Time In Southeast Asia

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 30 March 2017

We’ve all been there. You’ve booked your trip to Asia, and then you start thinking about it as it’s fast becoming a reality. What will it be like there? Will I eat weird food? Will it be safe? Do I need to speak any of the languages? Well, fear not, we have the answers for […]

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What it’s really like to see a Ladyboy show in Thailand

By Emily / 13 July 2016

“The Bangkok night heaved with the pumping noise of 90’s dance music, the oppressive heat caused my cheap cotton shirt to stick to my un-climatised body. My eyes danced back and forth from the overstimulation of crowds, bright neon lights, banging trance, young English men chanting and swilling cheap beer. Here I was on Soi […]

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Top Tips for Having an Epic Time at the Full Moon Party

By Emily / 23 June 2016

So you’re off to the Full Moon Party for the first time. You’re going to see what all the fuss is about but you’re a bit unsure as to what to expect and you’ve heard a couple of horror stories too. Some people say it’s not worth the money and others rave about it, so […]

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Top 5 Tips for Celebrating Songkran and Pi Mai Lao

By Emily / 8 April 2016

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling through Thailand or Laos between April 13-15 this year, be prepared to experience the wet and wild one-of-a-kind water festivals known as Songkran/Thai New Year and Pi Mai Lao/Lao New Year.

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The Best Places in Thailand to Celebrate Songkran

By Emily / 1 April 2015

In many countries, New Year is celebrated with fireworks but in Southeast Asia, it’s celebrated with water…and not just a splash here and there, but three days of the biggest street water fight in the world!

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The 7 Best Things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By Emily / 21 November 2014

Heart of northern Thailand, university town, nature hub, and artistic centre, it’s difficult to argue with the claim that Chiang Mai is Thailand’s coolest city. More laid-back than Bangkok and less touristed than the islands, this gem in the northern hills is a long-time favourite with travellers – and for good reason. The combination of […]

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48 Hours in Bangkok

By Tara / 4 October 2014

Have just 48 hours in Thailand’s City of Angels? Our Stray team superstar Chris Deane weighs in with his tips for a great two days!   Having been living out in Asia for a few months, a common misconception I hear when speaking to travellers who have just arrived in Bangkok is they must leave […]

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Gareth’s Southeast Asia Induction

By Emily / 6 February 2014

As a part of the training for my new job as Sales Manager in Australia, I was forced to go to Asia for two weeks… I know, tough right? But, someone has to do it! Here is a bit about my time there.

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