Top Tips for Having an Epic Time at the Full Moon Party

So you’re off to the Full Moon Party for the first time. You’re going to see what all the fuss is about but you’re a bit unsure as to what to expect and you’ve heard a couple of horror stories too. Some people say it’s not worth the money and others rave about it, so what’s the deal?

The Full Moon Party is probably the biggest, wildest beach party you’ll ever go to and for that reason alone there are a few things you need to be aware of to ensure you have an epic night, stay safe and make it out the other side with only great stories to tell.

The very fact that you’re reading this probably means you’re the type of person that errs on the side of caution and a lot of this might sound like common sense, but after a few buckets things can go downhill and this article might just be the angel on your shoulder.

Before you go party prep

Think ahead…

Leave a 2litre bottle of water, some paracetamol and Berroca next to your bed and definitely don’t plan to travel the next day!

Keep what’s in your safe – safe

If you leave valuables in the hotel room make sure they are in a safe – on Full Moon Night everyone will be at the FM Party which is the perfect opportunity for petty thieves to break into hotel rooms.

Know what your travel insurance policy actually covers

This is a biggie – did you know that most travel insurance companies don’t cover you for things that happen when you’ve been drinking? And they definitely don’t cover you if you’ve taken drugs. Check the wording in your policy before you buy it and keep the 24hour contact number on you.

Money, money, money

Think about what you’ll need to spend money on and how much that will cost, then add a couple of extra hundred Baht just in case. Things can be a little more expensive on the night of the Full Moon Party and where you might have been paying 100B for your taxi earlier in the week, you could find drivers charging twice that. You may need to pay a 100B entrance fee to the party area although this isn’t always enforced and you’ll also need to pay to use the bathrooms (5-10B). Bring your money in a range of notes and coins so you don’t get stuck with 1000B note going into the bathrooms.

Buy a mini purse/wallet and wear it on a lanyard

Fill it with your money, room key, a business card from your hotel with the address on it (in Thai and English if possible) and the 24hr contact number of your travel insurance company. Leave all your credit cards, your wallet, your handbag and especially your passport in the hotel safe. You can carry a copy of your passport with you but chances are you won’t need it. Tuck the lanyard securely down your top.

Personal Safety Tips

3 Things to remember to keep yourself safe.

  1. Don’t play with fire – burns scar for life.
  2. Don’t play in the ocean – the water is full of pee!
  3. Don’t get on a motorbike – accidents are rife – get in a taxi.

Know your buckets

Firstly, the buckets on the beach are more expensive than the ones sold in the streets leading down to the beach, so grab one on your way in or if you’re on a real budget, grab a hip flask and soda from the 7/11 and mix your own. Secondly, buckets are strong, really strong. One bucket does not equal one drink for one person. Share your buckets between friends, promise yourself to drink a bottle of water between buckets or just drink beers.   Thirdly, and very importantly, watch the person mix your bucket. If you can’t see them making your bucket because they turn their back to you or put it down on the sand, you don’t know what is in it. Make sure you know what you’re drinking.

Beware the Thai Red Bull

Two Thai Red Bulls are equivalent to around four or five western Red Bulls and Thai Red Bulls are known to contain a ‘speed-like’ substance which can effect people with anxiety or heart issues. It also stops you from feeling as drunk, so you might actually be a lot more drunk than you feel and be less likely to know when you’ve had too much.

Don’t do drugs – you’ve seen the movies, just say no!

Do not even entertain the thought of taking drugs. Drugs are illegal and penalties are harsh. Don’t acknowledge someone who tries to sell you drugs – undercover cops try to sell you drugs just so they can arrest you and get a bribe and locals who see you buying drugs might rat you out to the cops for a reward. Expect to pay around $1000US for a bribe if you get caught or face going to prison. It’s really not worth it. Get high on the party vibe and awesome atmosphere instead!

Keys to enjoying the Full Moon Party

Stay in the Game

Don’t get started too early. Have dinner – something good to line the stomach like Pad Thai should do the trick, chug back a couple of litres of water and relax pre-party. There’s plenty of time for dancing as the party doesn’t really get cranking til midnight and it goes until around midday the next day!

Stick together

There are so many people in such a small area that chances are you’ll lose each other if you’re not diligent with the ol’ buddy system – i.e. dance together, go to the bathroom together, kiss handsome strangers back-to-back to each other. However if you do get separated, plan a meeting point where you can grab a drink and wait for each other.

Dress up!

Get into the spirit of it! Don’t wear anything expensive, just buy some sweet fluro gear and some glow paint from the street vendors in the days leading up to the party. Protect your feet – wear light canvas shoes or sandals that strap onto your feet so your night isn’t ruined by standing on something sharp.

Party like you mean it!

You’re only young once! Really embrace the whole thing – dance on platforms, wear as much fluro as you can and try to see the sunrise! After all, it’s not every day you get to party with 20-40,000 other people on a beach in Thailand!

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