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If you are having trouble planning your Australia tour, then you have come to the right place. Our travel-addicted crew has created heaps of articles about the best places to visit in Australia and the must-do activities. Not just the popular ones, but also off the beaten path.

Let us show you around Australia via our travel blog. And hopefully, we’ll see you on board one of our Australia bus tours one day.

9 Reasons Australia is worthy of your Bucket List

By Emily / 12 November 2018

Let’s face it, Australia has been on the top of your dream list for a while now. Here are 9 reasons why Australia is worthy of your bucket list.

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Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Your Bucket List for East Coast Australia

By Emily / 11 November 2018

The East Coast of Australia is at the top of many travellers’ bucket lists. Between diving the Great Barrier Reef, sailing through the Whitsunday Islands and exploring Sydney – it’s not hard to see why.

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The Blue Mountains National Park

A Day in the Blue Mountains

By Emily / 25 October 2018

No visit to Sydney is complete without a day trip to the nearby Blue Mountains.

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Check out these amazing things to do in Cairns – and they’re all either cheap or free!

By Emily / 11 September 2018

Tropical Cairns is the starting point for our our new SELECT tours and the last stop on our northbound ADVENTURE tours.  Whichever tour you choose, you’ll have plenty of time to explore Cairns. There are a bunch of once in a lifetime experiences available to do in Cairns, but a lot of them don’t come […]

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Stray Australia officially launches at the ‘other’ Wedding of the Year!

By Tara / 31 August 2018

In August, at a private event hosted in downtown Sydney, a select group of agents, industry partners and staff witnessed what has been labelled the ‘other’ wedding of the year.

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A Traveller’s Guide to Anzac Day

By Lisa T / 18 April 2018

If you’re travelling in New Zealand or Australia at the moment, you may have heard ‘Anzac Day’ mentioned. Perhaps you’ve noticed the locals wearing red poppy badges or spotted some tasty looking Anzac biscuits for sale. Here’s a visitor’s guide to understand what Anzac Day is and what it means to us down under…

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Stray Bus - On the Road South Island

Stray and Loka set to become the largest Hop-on Hop-off Adventure Travel Network

By Lisa T / 12 September 2017

Stray Ltd (‘Stray’) is pleased to announce its recent investment, which will see it become the majority shareholder of Loka Pty Ltd (‘Loka’), an Australian Adventure Travel Operator based out of Byron Bay. This investment will create Asia Pacific’s largest and most expansive Flexible Adventure Travel Network with operations spanning across New Zealand, Australia and […]

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Plan your trip with our Australia blog

Use our Australia travel blog as a resource to help you plan your trip. You’ll find everything including inspiration, information and reasons to visit Australia. For example, did you know there are 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Australia, and more than 10,000 beaches covering over 50,000 km to explore?

You’ll also find useful blog posts on what to pack depending on where and the time of year you are travelling. When it comes to your backpack, less is definitely more – more convenient, easier to haul around and even easier to organise and find stuff on your travels.
Most of our travel blog posts are written either by members of our Stray team who have travelled extensively in Australia, or by guest travellers written from their own personal experiences.

Either way, you’re getting your travel tips from a seasoned Aussie expert, who’s been there, seen it and done that – and can help you avoid the pitfalls and make the most of your Aussie adventure.

Check out your destination before you arrive

Talking of inside knowledge, our travel blog has everything you need to know about the Australian cities you are planning to visit. You can read a quick guide to Melbourne, the best way to spend just 24 hours in Sydney or even find out about 30 free things you can do in Cairns!
You’ll learn about Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road (400km of breathtaking coastline) and where the Saturday Paddington Markets are in Sydney. And who knew that Cairns had a 4800 square metre lagoon you can swim in for free?

Use the blog to get to grips with Aussie culture

In the blog posts, you can also learn about ANZAC Day, when it is and what it means, as well as stuff like tips on how we can all help to protect the Great Barrier Reef and see the sights more sustainably.

Everything you need to know about visiting Australia – all in one travel blog

So, take a browse through our blog posts on Australia. There’s a lot to learn and discover. You’ll read about the best things to do on Magnetic Island, where to go and what to look out for in The Blue Mountains and where to do barefoot Yoga in Sydney. Check out secluded river retreats and get the low down on the best vegan desserts in Byron Bay – it’s all in the blog!

Tell us what you think of our travel blog

Please share your comments at the bottom of the blog posts too. You might have a question one of our readers or team could answer, or you might know about that hidden bar you must not miss in Sydney. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you and share your experiences with our Stray community.

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