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Your starting point for planning your New Zealand tour. How many weeks to plan for a New Zealand holiday? What to do and where to go? The Stray team will take you on a virtual tour through New Zealand. We’re a bunch of adventurous & fun travellers ourselves, so we know all the best places. Must-see places throughout New Zealand, amazing activities that will leave even seasoned thrill-seekers in awe and off the beaten path & hidden gem locations. Hop onboard our New Zealand travel blog and start planning the best trip ever. And we’re looking forward to seeing you onboard one of our New Zealand tours so we can show you the best places of New Zealand ourselves.
Rose Revera Mt Cook National Park

Stray Days: Straying with Rose

By Lisa T / 3 January 2017

This month we’re Straying with Rose Revera from Wales, who recently spent three months getting off the beaten track in New Zealand on a Stray Pass.

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Our Top 4 Kiwi Artists

By Lisa T / 28 December 2016

If you’re a true music lover as well as an avid traveller, then you’re probably inclined to check out the local music scene in every new destination you visit. New Zealand may be small, but travelling music buffs shouldn’t be surprised to discover the thriving community of local artists offering a distinct Kiwi sound.

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Canterbury Museum in central Christchurch

Fun & interesting things to do in Christchurch, no matter how much time you have

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 6 December 2016

Have you got some free time in Christchurch? Not sure what to do or where to go when you’ve only got a few hours, half a day or just one day free? Here’s what to do in Christchurch based on how much time you have free.

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Another excited group preparing for Tumu Tumu Toobing with Waitomo Adventures.

My Caving Adventures in Waitomo: review of Waitomo Adventures

By Antonia / 5 October 2016

I consider myself a well-heeled adventure traveller. I’ve bungeed, skydived, dived the blue hole in Belize, bombed from almighty waterfalls, swung, hung, twirled and zip-lined. But when Stray suggested I try Tumu Tumu Toobing, a black water rafting adventure in Waitomo, New Zealand…well I had no fricking’ idea what I was getting myself into.

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A member of the Stray team getting her hands dirty.

Stray staff get their hands dirty!

By Lisa T / 14 September 2016

Last week on one of the first sunny days of spring, 15 of the Stray Head Office team ventured to the northern edge of Auckland to Atiu Creek Regional Park on a mission to plant as many native trees as possible with local non-profit organisation Conservation Volunteers.

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Ziplining with Rotorua Canopy Tours - Stray New Zealand

A flying leap forward for conservation!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 5 August 2016

Hanging upside down with my legs split flying backwards through the sunlight canopy of the ancient New Zealand forest is not usually how I would spend a Sunday. After just a few small hours with Rotorua Canopy Tours I went from being apprehensive about stepping off a perfectly good platform to being brave enough to […]

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Stray cleans up with Sustainable Coastlines

By Lisa T / 23 March 2016

Stray focuses on showing travellers the best parts of New Zealand, and part of that mission is encouraging all travellers to keep NZ clean and green while they visit. Don’t think for a second we don’t practice what we preach – here’s how we made a difference with Sustainable Coastlines:

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The Best Stray Love Stories

By Lisa T / 12 February 2016

We know a lot of people don’t rate February 14th as anything special, but, here at Stray, we’re a bunch of softies at heart and want to recognise all the love connections that have been made on the Stray bus over the years. (And there have been a fair few!)

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 6: Stray Further but don’t attempt to drive!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 30 July 2015

After five epic posts telling you the ins and outs of surviving Kiwi culture, guest blogger Sam from the UK gives his final insight into how best to travel around New Zealand… Now to see the country, taste the pies and learn the lingo, you’ll need some way to hit the road. As I’ve mentioned, […]

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 5: Beaches that beat Southend

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 24 July 2015

If you think you’ve already found the world’s best beaches (probably not Southend), New Zealand has them beat according to our guest blogger Sam the Brit. Here’s his best advice for enjoying the surf and sand of the Kiwi coastline. I know what you’re thinking, you’ve been to Southend, thrown up on one of the […]

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 4: Eating in New Zealand

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 17 July 2015

You’re speaking like a local and dressed for Kiwi success – now what’s for dinner? Our guest blogger Sam from the UK is back to tell you all about New Zealand food.

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 3: Jandals, Singlets and Togs

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 2 July 2015

Now that you understand basic New Zealand lingo, British guest blogger Sam’s next lesson is a tutorial on how to dress like a New Zealander.

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Kiwi sign

New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 2: Kiwis vs Australians – A Lingo Lesson

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 22 June 2015

After introducing you to Kiwi-land in Part 1, our guest blogger Sam Berwick is back with a lesson on common Kiwi lingo and how to really pronounce those crazy New Zealand place names.

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 1: Your Introduction to Kiwi-Land!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 9 June 2015

A hearty Stray welcome to guest blogger Sam Berwick, who recently arrived in New Zealand from London. As a Brit in the ‘land of the long white cloud’ for the first time, he now describes Kiwi culture as “funny, strange and down right crazy” and that’s after only a few months! In this blog series, […]

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Move over Love Boat – another sweet Stray love story!

By Lisa T / 6 May 2015

When Stray driver Chase recently started a story with, “Two young boys from England head down to the bar with a bus driver and some girls…” we thought she was setting us up for a good joke.

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