The Best Stray Love Stories

We know a lot of people don’t rate February 14th as anything special, but, here at Stray, we’re a bunch of softies at heart and want to recognise all the love connections that have been made on the Stray bus over the years. (And there have been a fair few!)

In honour of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to revisit the best Stray love stories as told by the former travellers themselves:

Sofia (Sweden) & Matthew (England)

Stray love story - Milford

“…Last year we were on our Stray journey in New Zealand. I, Sofia, had come for 5 weeks from Sweden. And Matthew, from England, had come for a longer trip around Asia with a few weeks in NZ. We met on the bus in Blue Duck Station, Matthew had stayed an extra night in Rotorua which made us end up on the same bus.

Now, 1 year later, a few things have changed. Matthew has moved to Sweden and we are expecting a baby boy in March!smile emoticon

A lot of unexpected things can happen when travelling. So…thank you Stray for bringing us together!!! ♡”

Katie (Ireland) & Duncan (UK)


Katie & Duncan

“Here’s our story…I was travelling around the North Island with two friends and Gollum was our driver. When we got to Wellington we decided to stay there and wait for the next bus because one of the guys on the tour was wrecking our heads (funnily enough he ended up waiting too which we realised on the ferry and we all ended up becoming great friends for our tour of the South Island!).

Anyway, when we got on the Stray bus on the South Island Duncan was on our bus. We hit it off straight away and ended up travelling together for the rest of our NZ holiday with a few others. I was travelling home to Ireland via South America while Duncan was planning on returning to the UK via North America. He changed his flights and met us in Argentina for two weeks of steak and wine and after that he decided to move to Dublin! Two years later our little girl Ellie came along and now we have Finn as well. Let’s just say that our Stray adventure was well worth it!”

Kevin (Ireland) & Jackie (USA)

Kevin & Jackie - Nevis swing

“Just wanted to drop you a message to let Stray know another stray couple have got hitched! We met in Rotorua in March 2009 (Hoover was our brilliant tour guide) and had the time of our lives on the bus. The journey continues in Melbourne and we got married in Ireland on the 13th July, 2013. Thanks for hooking us up!!”

Kevin & Jackie - Ireland wedding

Of course, these aren’t the only stories we’ve heard of either – a couple of our past blog posts featured other happy Stray travellers:

Stray Passengers Find Love on the BusDiane (Netherlands) & Ben (UK)

Move over Love Boat – another sweet Stray love story!Chris & Zhwan (both from the UK)

Stray’s travellers aren’t the only ones feeling the love – 2016 is a year full of Stray & Spaceships staff member weddings, with FIVE Orange Family staffers getting hitched this year (two of them are even marrying each other)! What do you think – should we profile the Stray staff love stories next year? There’s a fair few of those as well!


LisaT profile picture

Lisa T

Originally from Delaware, USA. Favourite Stray stop: Blue Duck Station (New Zealand). Fun fact: her knowledge of sci-fi, Disney and British literature make her the Queen of Trivia.

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  • I fell in love with a Stray driver four years ago.

    We will be getting married on the 2nd April at Blue Duck Station and with so many Stray drivers in attendance, it should be a night to remember whoop whoop! Photos to follow!

    • Congratulations, Amy! Was that driver named Snowflake? 😉 A wedding a Blue Duck will be absolutely stunning.

      Make sure you send us some photos of the day or get some of those drivers to tag Stray NZ in their photos! We’d love to see!

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