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What it’s like to travel solo with Stray

By Tara / 22 May 2018

The thought of travelling solo can be intimidating, stressful and downright terrifying… especially when you’re on the other side of the world! At the same time, it might just be one of the most exhilarating and life-changing things you’ll ever do.

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Stray Days: Straying with Sarah and Tim

By Tara / 26 April 2018

Originally from the USA and now travelling the world on an extended 20-month honeymoon (the dream, right?!), Sarah and Tim found some spare time to fill us in on their Stray adventure.

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Stray Days: Straying with Thomas and Lynn

By Tara / 21 March 2018

This month we’re Straying with Thomas and Lynn from Belgium. They used their Everywhere Passes to see the whole of New Zealand from top to bottom. Check it out…

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Stray Days – Stories from the road. Straying with Gemma!

By Emily / 19 March 2018

Gemma Daniel, originally from Wales in the UK, quit her job to travel for a year and a half. She spent 4 months travelling around Asia on the Lot Pass and even celebrated her 26th birthday on the Stray bus in Bai Xep! She’s planning to keep travelling around the world but we managed to […]

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Stray together, stay together!

By Tara / 26 February 2018

Ever wondered what it’s like to Stray with your other half? We caught up with an awesome couple: Kaya Bulbul from Turkey and Amelie Krug from Sweden. They made the most of their 2 week university break and used Stray’s Peter Pass to see the best of the North Island.

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Ellie Crook - Foxy Travels UK - Stray Days with Stray NZ

Stray Days: Straying with Ellie

By Lisa T / 22 January 2018

This month we’re Straying with Ellie Crook, a travel blogger from the UK. She spent a year in New Zealand on a working holiday visa and used Stray’s Everywhere Pass to make her way around the country.

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Lake Matheson - Stray Days - Stray NZ

Stray Days – Stories from the road. Straying with Rachael!

By Emily / 21 December 2017

After living and working in New Zealand for a couple of years, Rachael Perkin was ready for a much needed sabbatical to travel and Southeast Asia was conveniently located between New Zealand and her native UK. She decided to spend a leisurely couple months travelling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam on Stray Asia’s Lot […]

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Stray Days – Stories from the road. Straying with Clarke!

By Emily / 13 July 2017

Clarke Cooper had spent a year working and travelling in New Zealand having the time of his life when abruptly his visa was up! Shock and realisation set in. What would he do now? Going straight back to Scotland simply did not seem like a good enough option. Where could he escape to before he reluctantly […]

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Laura Nalin - Willful and Wildhearted - Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Stray Days: Straying with Laura

By Lisa T / 22 June 2017

This month we’re Straying with Laura Nalin, a travel blogger originally hailing from the US. She decided to finish off her Working Holiday experience in New Zealand by getting off the beaten track on a Willy Pass around the South Island.

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Warm words from a happy Stray-er

By Jodine / 26 April 2017

It has to said, maintaining a flexible adventure travel network across 6 countries (New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar) with multiple departures per week, year round is nothing short of  ‘challenging’ work. But we do it and we do it with a smile on our face because we are passionate about sharing our places with […]

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Rose Revera Mt Cook National Park

Stray Days: Straying with Rose

By Lisa T / 3 January 2017

This month we’re Straying with Rose Revera (@roseexplores) from Wales, who recently spent three months getting off the beaten track in New Zealand on the Everywhere Pass.

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The Best Stray Love Stories

By Lisa T / 12 February 2016

We know a lot of people don’t rate February 14th as anything special, but, here at Stray, we’re a bunch of softies at heart and want to recognise all the love connections that have been made on the Stray bus over the years. (And there have been a fair few!)

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 6: Stray Further but don’t attempt to drive!

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 30 July 2015

After five epic posts telling you the ins and outs of surviving Kiwi culture, guest blogger Sam from the UK gives his final insight into how best to travel around New Zealand… Now to see the country, taste the pies and learn the lingo, you’ll need some way to hit the road. As I’ve mentioned, […]

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 5: Beaches that beat Southend

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 24 July 2015

If you think you’ve already found the world’s best beaches (probably not Southend), New Zealand has them beat according to our guest blogger Sam the Brit. Here’s his best advice for enjoying the surf and sand of the Kiwi coastline. I know what you’re thinking, you’ve been to Southend, thrown up on one of the […]

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New Zealand through the eyes of a Brit – Part 4: Eating in New Zealand

By Travel Mate (guest blogger) / 17 July 2015

You’re speaking like a local and dressed for Kiwi success – now what’s for dinner? Our guest blogger Sam from the UK is back to tell you all about New Zealand food. Food in NZ is same-same, but different to what we have back in the UK. Let me make this clear. Wattie’s and Heinz […]

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