Stray Passengers Find Love on the Bus

We always like to hear that our travellers had a fantastic time with us and made heaps of friends!

But finding the love of your life on the bus is truly special. Here’s an email we received this week… Congrats guys!

Ben and Diane

Hello Stray!

Five years ago I was travelling around Australia and New Zealand with my two Dutch (me Dutch as well!) friends. In New Zealand we decided to travel and explore the islands by Stray. This turned out to be the best decision of my life!!

The group we met on the bus was from all over the world and they were all great people. We were driven by Sandy, Lucky and an another guy (sorry can’t remember his name, he drove us on south circle to Invercargill). We did all the activities we could do and had a party every night. We had such an amazing time! Among them was Ben Sharples and after a holiday love on the Stray bus we decided that that we wanted to keep seeing each other. So Ben moved to The Netherlands for me and after three and a half year he proposed to me! Last august the 30th we got married in Gouda, The Netherlands. We since have moved to the UK (where Ben is from) and are very happy together!

Quite often we say “what if we didn’t get on that Stray bus?”, so we thank you so very much for bringing us together! We hope to return one day to beautiful New Zealand!!

With love,

Diane Sharples- van der Hoeven

Getting married!


With the group whilst in Barrytown with Stray!
Fancy dress with the Stray group whilst in Barrytown!
Diane and Ben’s Stray group at Raglan


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