My All-Time Favourite Places for Tasty Vegan & Vegetarian Food in Byron Bay

There is an amazing range of restaurants and cafés in the hippy, surf town of Byron Bay. Most of them are healthy, organic and even vegetarian or vegan, often proudly sourcing their fresh produce from sustainable, local farms and providers.

The following restaurants offer, in my humble opinion, the best vegetarian & vegan dishes in town.

The Cardamom Pod

The forefathers in vegan cuisine! The Byron restaurant was started in 2001. Hot and cold vegan and vegetarian dishes with an Indian twist! With their simple price system and a super tasty menu that caters to both vegetarian and vegan, it’s the perfect place to have a delicious meal. Tip” try the famous tofu and broccoli salad with grilled sesame seeds.

Manna Heaven

Probably the best restaurant in Byron! It’s a 100% not-for-profit veggie café. Their menu offers awesome homemade vegan desserts. I recommend the tortilla salad bowls and lasagne with vegan cheese!

Vegan food - photo by Edgar
Super tasty vegan food | photo: Edgar


Mainly functions as an organic food store, but it does also have a great juice bar as well as a selection of lunch options (such as vegan or vegetarian pies, salads, pizza, salads and tarts). They offer beautiful organic salads and smoothies using produce from their own gardens. Endless raw vegan savoury pies, slices, and sweet treats!

Folk Café

Here is where you’ll get local, fresh, organic, mainly vegetarian fare served thoughtfully on old-school enamel kitchenware. Awesome vegan and veggie options for breakfast and lunch. My faves are the breakie burrito and nourishment bowls! They are open from 7.30am – 2.30pm and you can take a look at their menu here. Folk gets busy on weekend mornings but it’s worth the small wait. The place is nice and quiet, perfect to have a break.

No Bones

What to expect at this restaurant? Easy, it’s all in the name. No Bones was created by Laurie, Tahlia and Yasmina as they wanted to bring people together over good food and to “change the way we think about what we put in our mouths”. Join their tasty expedition to save the Earth, one Brussel Sprout at a time.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Byron Bay?

There are of course more tasty vegetarian and vegan restaurant options in Byron Bay. Did I forget to mention your favourite? Let me know and post your suggestion in the comment section below. I’m always keen to add more restaurants and cafes to my list, especially if they focus on plant-based food.

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