This is the Ultimate To-Do in Wanaka List That Has You Covered Every Day of the Year

Wonderful Wanaka has so much to offer. It’s almost impossible to squeeze everything in one blog post, but we’ve managed to create the ultimate to-do in Wanaka list for you. The list that is packed with free and paid activities in summer, winter and the seasons in between. Check it out.

The journey from Franz Josef to Wanaka is one of the most scenic drives you’ll do with Stray, but you don’t have to worry about soaking it all up through the bus window. Stray makes a stop in Wanaka.

Here’s just your digital taster of what to expect from this idyllic little town… You’ll have to experience it for yourself as soon as possible, so start planning.

Once-in-a-lifetime activities

Your adrenaline level will reach its highest point in Wanaka. These once-in-a-lifetime to do in Wanaka activities are not for the faint of heart.


Strap yourself to a beautiful stranger, jump out of a plane at 12,000 or 15,000 ft and live to tell the tale! Wanaka is the perfect place to skydive if you want to witness breathtaking scenes as you plummet towards the ground.

Wanaka is the perfect place to skydive. Check out that view!
Wanaka is the perfect place to skydive. Check out that view!

Learn to fly

Ever dreamt of being a pilot? Now you can be – well, for 30 minutes at least. Learn to Fly in Wanaka gives you the opportunity to take off, fly and land a plane all on your own! Okay, there’s a professional sitting next to you to guide you through it, but you really do have full control. With every package, you get to bring a passenger along for FREE! That’s right – you can force your new Stray BFF to put their life in your hands as you soar through the skies above Wanaka. What are you waiting for?

Hikes and walks

Wanaka is a great place for hiking and walking, as there are hikes for everyone’s fitness level. Make sure your phone is fully charged as you don’t want to miss out on snapping that ultimate Insta-worthy photo. Here’s what you can do in Wanaka when it comes to hiking.

Mt Iron: an easy hike in Wanaka

The Stray bus will stop at Mount Iron on the way out of Wanaka – you’ll have the option to choose between this walk and Puzzling World.

Mt Iron is an easy track that can be completed in around 1 hour and 30 minutes and provides some great photo opportunities. On a clear day, the views are pretty awesome so if the sun is shining then there’s no excuse not to give this walk a go.

Looking down on Wanaka
That view shows you why the Mt Iron hike is a must-do in Wanaka

Roys Peak: the best hike to do in Wanaka

Thanks in part to all those epic Instagram shots, this hike is becoming increasingly popular and it’s obvious as to why. The views at the top of Roys Peak are second to none. With 360 views of Wanaka and the surrounding areas, it’s one of the best ways to see the town.

If you’re in good shape you can do the return walk in about 5-6 hours, but some people find that 7-8 hours is a more reasonable time frame. Either way, you definitely need to dedicate a whole day to this walk which means that hopping off the Stray bus is a must!

Famous view from Roys Peak in Wanaka
If my 60-something-year-old Dad can conquer Roys Peak then you certainly can!

Full disclosure: Roys Peak is a tough, uphill climb with barely any flat terrain so be prepared with plenty of water and layers for all temperatures. I personally think it’s tougher than the Tongariro Crossing, but other people beg to differ.

I highly recommend giving both a go and make your own decision. It’s 100% worth all the blood, sweat and tears and, in my opinion, is easily one of the best spots in New Zealand. It can get busy on weekends and holidays though, so try to go during the week if you want to score the whole place to yourself.

Potentially the best view in the whole New Zealand?
Potentially the best view in the whole New Zealand?

‘That Wanaka Tree’: easy walk to the iconic tree

An absolute must-see in Wanaka and another Instagram favourite, ‘That Wanaka Tree’, is just a 10-minute walk from the centre of town. It looks picture perfect at all times of day but you should definitely try to watch at least one sunset or sunrise by the lake.

The famous Wanaka tree in autumn
The famous Wanaka tree in autumn

Chilled out days

But it isn’t just about active things to do in Wanaka. There are also plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax.

Paradiso Cinema

Stray shenanigans wearing you out? How about a night in with cookies and a movie? Paradiso Cinema (just opposite BASE backpackers) is the best cure for backpacker exhaustion. Choose your film, get comfy on the quirky sofas and old car seats and definitely don’t forget to buy some hot cookies during the interval (yes, there’s an interval!).

The coolest movie theatre ever
Name a cooler movie theatre… I dare you.

Puzzling World

Like brain teasers, illusions or just the weirdly wonderful? Then Puzzling World will be right up your alley. (It’s also your alternative option if you don’t fancy climbing Mt Iron).

There’s a giant 3D maze, a ton of interactive optical illusions and even puzzles to solve while you sip your coffee in the cafe. It’s a great way to pass an afternoon and have a laugh with your new Stray family. If you love all things silly then this is 100% the activity for you!

Puzzling World in Wanaka
Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Weirdness, another fun thing to do in Wanaka

Cruise around Lake Wanaka

Got a few hours to spare and not sure what to do? Why not visit one of the many little islands on Lake Wanaka and enjoy views of the surrounding mountain ranges from the lake on a scenic boat cruise. Sit back, relax and soak up the scenes from the top deck or be brave and take a dip in the lake (more recommended in summer). Some companies even offer food/drinks as part of the tour! Cruises depart daily from the main dock.

Get active in Wanaka

Had enough of the relaxing? It’s time to get back into action. Hop on a bike and explore the surroundings of Wanaka. Or…. (keep reading, there’s more to come).

Wanaka Bike Tours

Stray Journeys passengers have a scenic bike ride included in their tour, but hop-on, hop-off passengers are also more than welcome to join in the trail riding fun (just book through your driver guide). These bike tours cover all of Wanaka’s highlights with plenty of photo stops and the added bonus of being able to stretch your legs and fit in some exercise after sitting on the bus all morning!

There are options for all riding levels too, from easy, wide trails to single-track mountain biking to NZ’s highest heli-bike experience.

Bike around Wanaka
Bike around Wanaka with Wanaka Bike Tours


Kayak, stand-up paddle, parasail or pedal boat your way along Lake Wanaka. All of these options are available down on the waterfront. It’s an affordable and fun way to spend time out on the water, which is one of the best ways to experience Wanaka.

Things to do in Wanaka: LakeLand Adventures Wanaka
Things to do in Wanaka: LakeLand Adventures Wanaka

Seasonal activities

Wintertime is fun-time in Wanaka. These are the best things to do in Wanaka in winter.


With two top-notch ski resorts right on its doorstep: Cardrona and Treble Cone. Wanaka is a snowsports heaven in winter. There’s a different vibe in town in winter, but quality time in Wanaka is an absolute must for anyone who loves snow. Time to carve some fresh lines and shred some pow-pow, dude.

Cardrona: overlooking Queenstown and the Southern Alps
Off the beaten track goes off-piste

So, are you convinced yet? Wanaka is an incredible town with gazillion must-do activities. Be sure to save a few spare days (or weeks, or months, or YEARS) for when you fall in love with this place and can’t bring yourself to leave so soon. Stay magic, Wanaka – We love you! ❤

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