Quick Guide to Melbourne

Oh, how we love Melbourne! Some say it is the culture capital of Australia (especially Melbournians). Whatever you call it, there is no denying this compact city is vibrant, creative, and full of adventures!

Situated on the coast in Southern Australia, Melbs is the gateway to the Victorian wine region, the world famous Great Ocean Road, and many more Southern delights. While Stray doesn’t currently operate tours in Melbourne, you may want to continue your travels in Australia before or after your east coast Stray tour.

If you’re thinking about extending your Stray-cation to include Melbourne, let us convince you why you should!


melbourne art
See Melbourne’s amazing street art

Art & Culture

Melbourne is a dynamic, walkable city that puts a huge emphasis on art and culture. Get lost in little laneways full of street art, or hop over to Southbank and visit the Arts Centre or National Gallery, Australia’s oldest, largest and most visited art museum. Even just walking down Bourke Street in the central city, you’ll find musicians and performers busking for cash – heard of Tash Sultana? She started her super star career there.


melbourne footy
Aussie Rules! Melbourne is the birth place of “Footy”.


Did you know Melbourne hosted the first Olympics outside the United States or Europe in 1956 and the Commonwealth Games in 2006? It’s no wonder the city is regarded as the sports capital of Australia. Melbourne has something for everyone, whether it’s the tennis Australian Open, Formula One Australian Grand Prix or cricket. However the most popular sport in Melbourne is AFL or ‘footy’ as it’s called by the locals. It started in Victoria and although it has expanded to the rest of Australia, Melbourne is still home to the most decorated and competitive teams.


melbourne food
Enjoy Melbourne’s Coffee culture

Eat & Drink

Melbourne is regarded by some as the coffee capital of Australia (wow, this place is the capital of everything?!). But seriously, this city has some of the best cafés around. The coffee culture in Melbourne has become so popular that its influence has stretched around the world. Cafes in Brooklyn, New York are even emanating the classic style!

Now that you’re hopped up on caffeine, you’ll want to eat something or drink something a bit stiffer. Melbourne offers plenty of food options that range from fine dining to delicious cheap eats. Get out and explore neighborhoods like Naked for Satan in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy for tapas plates and infused vodka. For something unusual, head to Ponyfish Island for a scenic cocktail and charcuterie

melbourne ocean raod
Breath taking views from Melbourne’s Ocean road

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is one of the most popular road trip destinations in all of Australia. The stunning stretch of coastline runs along the state of Victoria for 400km . Whether you’re taking a day trip or heading all the way to South Australia, be sure to stop off at the 12 Apostles for an iconic photo or two. There are plenty of beaches, walks, waterfalls, and things to do along the way.

melbourne 2986345 960 720
City living in beautiful Melbourne

Australia’s Most Liveable City

You may have heard, but Melbourne has actually been dubbed the world’s most liveable city, seven years in a row.  Want to know why? Maybe it’s the awesome public transport, including free trams in the CBD (yaaaay, free stuff). It’s close to the beach, so when big city life gets too hectic, you can jump on the train out to St Kilda for the day. It is also full of activities and events, from the world famous White Night festival, to Australia Day celebrations in the park.

Whatever the reasons behind it, this is one rad city that is totally accessible to the shoestring traveller. If it’s not on your list already, Melbourne is definitely worth adding to your epic Australian adventure!

We don’t include Melbourne in our current tours. See our new & improved Aussie tours and find the one that fits your travel plans best.

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